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11-19-2012 | Posts: 1
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Hello all,

I hope I am in the correct place, wondering if anyone has had a similar issue with their plasmas...

I barely use my plasma which is hardly ever moved or have several inputs a day plugged in and out, so i am rather worried that 2 of my 4 hdmi ports just stopped working.

When i plug a device into either then turn the device on the tv recognises a signal but instead of going to port 1 or 2 it goes to ec/hdmi 3 or 4 (even though no device is plugged in them ports)

Manually changing to port one or two just displays a black screen. I have tried unplugging everything, and a factory reset with no joy.

I am just outside of my warranty by about a month :-(, any ideas?

Many thanks

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11-20-2012 | Posts: 1,243
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Hello Daniel

Are you ‘Hot Plugging’ the devices (plugging HDMI cables In/Out with devices powered On at the wall) – with HDMI it is always best (though can be a slow process) to power everything Off at the wall before you start to plug/unplug HDMI cables.

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Other thing you can try is to do a factory reset (the option is usually in the menu system) and see if that restores the HDMI ports to working. Unfortunately, after that it's likely the ports are damaged and you'll need someone to diagnose whether that is true or not.

Of course, try those ports with two different sources and cables in case it really is a source problem and not a TV problem.
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