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AdamsTX's Avatar AdamsTX 10:01 AM 03-26-2013
I've been having problems with HDMI flicker lately. The initial setup was a bluray player and Directv STB. The STB went through the bluray player (a cheap HTIB) and the bluray player HDMI out went to the TV. The flicker would only happen on content generated by the bluray player (bluray and regular DVD, Netflix, even the main menu flickered). BUT, Directv content was fine. I blamed the HTIB, and since I was planning to replace it anyways, I bought a new Sony Bluray player. This time, the hookup goes through an HDMI switch to automatically toggle STB and Bluray content. Guess what, same problem. Flickering from the Bluray connection, Directv content is fine. So, I switched HDMI ports on the TV, moving the HDMI cable to the next one down. The flicker improved but has not gone completely away. Is this a cable problem or TV input problem? Why is the Bluray connection a problem but the STB is not? The TV is a 3 year old LG 47SL90. I'm hoping to get some direction before I invest in new cable and have to run it through the wall again. The cable is also about three years old. cool.gif

alk3997's Avatar alk3997 11:09 AM 03-26-2013
What type of HDMI cable are you using? High speed or standard speed? What length? How many cables? Are there couples or wall plates between the cables?

Check the archives of this forum and you'll find that Blu-Ray player content is a higher bandwidth than DirecTV content. So a cable that can handle DirecTV (at 720p or 1080i) may not be able to handle Blu-Ray player output (at 1080p/24 or 1080p/60). That is why it is important that you have High Speed cables for Blu-Ray player output.

You should also disabled the Deep Color option on the Blu-Ray player *and* the TV. This will reduce the bandwidth needed and may make the cable work more reliably.

Always test cables with the devices before installing in-wall (if possible).
AdamsTX's Avatar AdamsTX 11:23 AM 03-26-2013
I'm not sure what specs the cables are. I bought them a couple years ago. The cables to the switch are three foot, the one from the switch to the tv is 6 foot. There is no wall plate or other intermediate connection besides the switch. I will try your advice and test the color option and maybe a new higher spec cable. Just weird that this has worked fine for a couple years and has only now acted up. Thanks!
alk3997's Avatar alk3997 11:36 AM 03-26-2013
At 6' most cable should work with Blu-Ray if it were direct to the TV. Make sure you get certified High Speed cables (the packaging should specifically say "High Speed"). The cable manufacturer should say the cable is certified or at least there should be a large number of reviews with happy customers. A 6' certified High Speed cable should not cost you over $10. If it is over $10, look elsewhere.

Based on your original append, I think you're missing an important point. It was acting up all of these years. You were on the edge of it being worse. When you changed components you went over the edge. You have the same problem you always did, it's just the symptom got worse.

The good part about that is that if you disable Deep Color in both the Blu-Ray player and the TV, you'll likely push yourself away from the edge that the symptom *may* go away.

BTW, welcome to the AVSForum. You'll find that your Blu-Ray player model and your TV model have specific threads in different parts of the AVSForum. The archives are extensive and worth reading to find out causes of issues or the proper starting settings for TVs.
AdamsTX's Avatar AdamsTX 03:16 PM 04-02-2013
I made sure all the cables were high speed and the flicker was still there. I turned Deep Color off per your suggestion on the BluRay and the problem is solved. Thanks for your help!
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