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fatherom's Avatar fatherom 06:10 PM 04-28-2013
Hi everyone,

I posted this in the subforums for my projector and blu-ray player, before I realized there was a sub-forum just for HDMI related questions.

Need help finding an HDMI switch/splitter to suit my needs. Here's what I plan to do:

Oppo BDP-83
Oppo BDP-93 (it has 2 HDMI outs, was planning to just use output HDMI1)
Dune HD Base 3.0

HDMI out from all of these into a switch. Then go dual out from the switch, one leading to my Epson 5020 projector, one leading to my Onkyo 707 (or my Sony MDR-DS7500 wireless headphone transmitter, depending on how I plan to listen to audio). The Onkyo doesn't support 3D and is a older 1.3 hdmi receiver. The Sony headphone box supports 3D and HD audio.

Looking at monoprice.com, they do have 4x2 switches, but the reviews for them seem to indicate that the "splitting" aspect can cause problems with HD audio (amongst other things). I chatted with a monoprice rep and he confirmed the whole "lowest common denominator issue". My guess is this will all work fine when I'm using the headphone box, since it can handle 3D. But if I want to use my old receiver with 3D, I may have to resort to using both HDMI outputs on the BDP-93 (forgive me, I'm thinking this out loud as I go smile.gif

Any advice? I really want the best 3D/2D video signal getting to the projector, and the best audio signal getting to the receiver/headphones. Surely, projector owners must deal with this all the time.



alk3997's Avatar alk3997 09:02 PM 04-28-2013
That's what the BDP-93 dual HDMI outputs are for. So, my advice is to use them that way.

If you want to try a matrix switcher than can spoof the EDID and get around the lowest common denominator requirement, then your in the hundreds of dollars range. So, it all depends upon your budget.

If you want a matrix switcher, Joe can help you with the Octava line.
fatherom's Avatar fatherom 06:42 AM 04-29-2013
Yeah, I thought about this more when I went to bed last night. The BDP-93 is the only 3D source I own (besides the PS3) that I forsee actually using for 3D.

Using my headphones is what I do about 95% of the time (I can only watch movies at night after our daughters go to bed and their bedrooms are directly under my media room). The headphone box can handle 3D signals, so I'll route my video devices to that and then go from that to the projector. I'll also connect the HDMI2 of the BDP-93 to my AVR for the random times I want to watch something and listen to my speakers.

I may have to do some cable swapping here/there (if I want to watch the Dune or PS3 with my AVR/speakers going), but that will be rare. Someday, I'll just upgrade my damn receiver. smile.gif
Joe Fernand's Avatar Joe Fernand 02:33 PM 04-29-2013
Onkyo TX-NR707 – the problem with the HD audio from the BD player is to do with where the HD audio lives in the video stream when the BD player is in in 3D mode. Your AVR understands where to look for the HD audio when it’s a 2D stream but not when it’s a 3D stream.

Split OPPO HDMI 1 – will simply provide two 3D HDMI streams neither of which your AVR can understand!

Oppo BD – use HDMI 2 Out to your AVR for HD audio.

Octava HDMX42 – can either be used as a Matrix (independent Outputs) or a Distribution Amp (mirrored Outputs). http://www.octavainc.com/HDMI%20matrix%20switch%204x2%20port.html

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