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capt.Atari's Avatar capt.Atari 09:30 AM 08-09-2014
I have a 65" Mitsubishi Diamond Vision (ws65713) set that was released before HDMI was available. The set functions beautifully but now with so many HDMI devices I need to employ a HDMI switch. I have tried a Monoprice HDX-401TA AND IT IS HIT OR MISS MOSTLY MISS. I have an Oppo Blu-ray and Toshiba HDDVD Player and an XBOX One I would like to add as well. The Oppo and Toshiba work fine connected directly to the dvi port so I know the problem is the switch. Most of the time I'll see the Oppo title screen but that is all. On the other hand I'll get a movie to play but the very next day the exact same hook up fails. I have tried two of these devices and they both work perfectly on my Panasonic Plasma which is native hdmi. Any recomendations for my setup?

Joe Fernand's Avatar Joe Fernand 12:28 PM 08-12-2014
It can be tricky mixing old and new HDMI tech.

Are you setting the audio button on the Switch to Stereo or5.1?

If you don’t require the audio Out feature you may want to try a Switch without that feature – otherwise you may require something with more stable EDID and HDCP handling.



PS Hopefully you are not ‘hot plugging’ HDMI kit – it’s always best to power all devices off at the wall when connecting/disconnecting kit.
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