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ccotenj's Avatar ccotenj 06:02 AM 10-01-2009
Originally Posted by kasabe23 View Post

Also, How best to explain the connection on 120V 60Hz on the back of the Bluray device as it maximum fps is 60. How do I relate the the 60Hz elctrical ac cycle rate to the max output of fps? I tried to say that IF their were 120Hz source equipment out their, then the bluray player would say 120V 120Hz on the back of it?


you don't.

no. it wouldn't say "120hz" on the back of it...

think about it for a second... IF (big if) someone does come out with 120 hz (frame rate) source equipment, it's unlikely that the entire power grid will switch over to 120hz (a/c cycle rate) in order to accomodate them...

FiberOpticDude's Avatar FiberOpticDude 09:52 AM 10-01-2009
The power connection on a video component has absolutely nothing to do with the frame or field rate of that component. The frequency in Hertz at the power connection tells you what kind of electrical source you may plug in to. For example in the US, 60Hz is the frequency of the electrical grid. In the UK it is 50Hz. Modern digital televisions and computers can operate at frame/field/refresh rates independent of the frequency of the electrical grid.
kasabe23's Avatar kasabe23 10:33 AM 10-01-2009
Ok, I understand now. I didn't think there was a connection, but I just wasn't sure. I not sure where I began connecting the 60Hz cycle to the frame rate/refresh rate of the video output. Both your comments make it clear there is no connection. Thanks for clarifying.

Regards to my wording/understanding of HDMI Cat1vsCat2 do I have that wording/explanation right?
tweeksound's Avatar tweeksound 05:28 AM 12-13-2010
Hey all, sorry I never took those pics. The more I thought about it, the more holes I found in my method. I would really need some sort of pixel for pixel still shot screen capture or something. The camera idea just doesn't work. Oh well. Happy holidays to you!
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