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JohnAx's Avatar JohnAx 05:51 PM 09-07-2009
Apologies for more likely a signal processing than a 1394 question, but at least there's one on the box . More important, this seemed like the place to find a hard-core techie wizard.

To the chase: I have an ADS "Pyro A/V Link" box that converts a variety of a/v inputs to firewire output. It does fine with composite color signals from a variety of sources, but doesn't respond to the composite input when the signal is from a monochrome camera e.g. Sony SSC-M354 (and two others that are similar-but-different.)

I don't expect anyone here to specifically know the device, although that would be nice. But general comments on how composite to firewire conversion might fail in this case would be helpful. Afaik the only significant difference between color and monochrome should be lack of color burst at the right time.