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afireman's Avatar afireman 11:27 AM 06-08-2011
First off great forum. I have been scanning it for a while but know I need some help.

I have a 6pin firewire coming out of a miranda on my camera. The firewire goes to my laptop where I capture video. what I would like to know is there an inexpensive way to split the firewire signal carrying the video? I want to go to my laptop which gives me pause control from my camera record button. I want the second signal to go to a digital recorder that will just record continuously. My main purpose is for recording sports. This would give me a backup in case my laptop messes up or do not hit the record button.

Kipp Jones's Avatar Kipp Jones 01:39 PM 07-03-2011
Quinny840's Avatar Quinny840 05:31 AM 11-16-2013

Hi afireman,


I have the same situation and was looking at buying that Belkin splitter mentioned in the above post. I was wondering if you had any luck and if it worked for you? 

Colm's Avatar Colm 04:34 PM 11-16-2013

OP made one post, over two years ago. What do you think the odds of him responding are?