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Dual Format Players > LG BH200: How serious are the Audio Drop outs? How often does it happen per movie?
bradavon's Avatar bradavon 04:28 AM 03-30-2008
Unless I'm mistaken the most serious problem left with the LG BH200 is Audio Drop outs. Can members please post:

1. Do you get Audio Drop Outs - Yes or No?
2. How serious are the Audio Drop outs?
3. How often do Audio Drop outs occur on average per movie?
4. How many of your HD Discs (i.e - HD-DVD/Blu-ray) have this problem and how many don't?
5. What is the most amount of Audio Drop outs you've ever had watching a movie?

I've added a poll to assist with this. Thanks in advance.
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UGLY5's Avatar UGLY5 09:13 AM 03-30-2008
Speaking only for myself, I have experienced no audio dropouts with the March firmware. I have experienced video dropouts on the Bourne Supremacy HD DVD, and I would characterize these as a nuisance. It happened once, with about 30 minutes left in the movie. I backed up, and it happened again. I backed up again, and it was fine. After that I could not replicate the dropout.

As far as audio is concerned, I have only had a "problem" with DTS HD MA. Occasionally when using the >> or << buttons on the remote or chapter selection from the disc menu, I will lose audio completely and my receiver will flash between DTS HD MA and whatever it was set to before it began decoding DTS HD MA. If I rewind a little and press play the sound returns. Again this does not happen frequently, and I would characterize it as a nuisance.
bradavon's Avatar bradavon 09:24 AM 03-30-2008
Thanks Ugly5. I would like to try and concentrate on Audio Drop Outs in this thread if possible.

Thanks for reporting you've had no Audio Drop Outs. I should've had a poll question for whether you've had drop outs period. I'll add that as a question to the thread.
oilblue's Avatar oilblue 12:53 PM 03-30-2008
Haven't had any audio dropouts that I can recall (ours is over SPDIF). A couple video ones that disappeared after rewinding (A3 wasn't completely immune from that BTW).

Anyway, for audio...none of the current poll choices fit. Best fit of the two choices is "more of a nuisance", but that's hardly accurate given we haven't had audio dropouts with our BH200.
bradavon's Avatar bradavon 01:02 PM 03-30-2008
Thanks Oilblue. It's cool if you've not actually had a problem pick neither. I should've thought the poll questions through better, but it's to late to alter them afterwards.

The questions can still apply though, which in case they obviously don't.
dlm10541's Avatar dlm10541 01:34 PM 03-30-2008
Have the mods close this thread and start a new one.

I also have had no drop outs-bitstream over HDMI
oilblue's Avatar oilblue 01:36 PM 03-30-2008
D'oh. I thought maybe it would allow new options. No problem though.

If we do a new poll after the new firmware is released (re-released...whatever), I'd suggest we include connection method. Something like:
- HDMI - No audio drops
- HDMI - Occasional audio drops
- HDMI - An audio drop every disc
- SPDIF - No audio drops
- SPDIF - Occasional audio drops
- SPDIF - An audio drop every disc

The wording could be anything. Just suggesting we could see if there's much of a difference between SPDIF and HDMI connections. Later poll though.
Caanda45's Avatar Caanda45 08:10 PM 03-30-2008
zero so far, but I`am in Flordia for the next week suntanning and buying up cheap HD DVD tittles....lol, looking tommorw for them.
bradavon's Avatar bradavon 03:26 AM 03-31-2008
Good idea there OilBlue, for a later poll.

I just wanted to get an idea how serious the Audio Drop out issue is specifically. Many people are talking about it but so far everyone in this thread seems happy.
bradavon's Avatar bradavon 07:33 PM 04-17-2008
For those who're having Audio Drop out issues, how are they with the April firmware? Thanks.
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