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w_otoole's Avatar w_otoole 09:03 PM 04-19-2009
Just picked up an open-box LG BH200 from Best Buy today - one that I had actually had my eye on for a couple of months but just came down to a somewhat reasonable price. Out the door with no remote at $179 - figure if I can get a remote at a reasonable price and collect the $75 rebate, it's really not a bad deal compared to what these players fetch on Ebay, etc.

In any case, had a couple of questions - I'm sure these may be covered in the FAQ thread, but I'm having a tough time searching it, so I apologize for retreading things that may have already been discussed/covered:

- Definitely need to pick up a remote for this, and I'd rather go with the original equipment remote rather than a cheap universal unit. I saw some posts about LG Parts perhaps being the best source - has anyone gone through LG recently for a remote? Are they still in stock? Or is there another source of these that might be cheaper or better?

- I've tested a few movies that load up to the menu, but I can't select the "Play" option. I assume that this is because I need the remote - is there any way to bypass this just by using the buttons on the front of the player? I've pressed the play button on the player, but for these discs, the red cross-out icon appears on the screen, so I assume that the "Enter" button on the remote must need to be utilized for these movies. If there is any other way to watch these movies without the remote, I'd love to know so that I can do some additional testing while waiting for the remote.

- Similar to above, is there any way to change the resolution without the remote? It's currently set to output 1080i through HDMI, but I'd love to change to 1080/24p if possible.....

- One thing I noticed is that the picture is a bit darker than what I am used to when compared to the Toshiba HD-A3/A30s I have as well as my PS3 & Samsung BD-2500. Is there an option in the BH200 setup menu that affects picture brightness? Are there a lot of picture settings to play with? Or is this just how the unit happens to output?

So far, I've partially tested a Dark Knight BD and I Am Legend on HD DVD and watched about 90% of The Road Warrior HD DVD, and also watched a bit of Pirates of the Carribean SD DVD - all worked great, except I noticed that the Pirates SD DVD would have occasional, very slight jerks in the picture - is this normal? I tried a couple of other SD DVDs but could not get past the menu to play the film. Not sure if this is a big concern, as I don't really plan to watch many SD DVDs on this, but curious nonetheless. The other few BDs and HD DVDs I tried to play loaded up, but again could not get them to "play" from the menu.

Thanks for the help on this - I have to say this is a very slick unit, and I love the BD and HD DVD lights on the front....

mike-tee's Avatar mike-tee 09:27 PM 04-19-2009
Try this link for a BH200 remote.

In the meantime if you have a universal remote lying around, even a cheap one, you should be able to get your 200 to work with most basic commands by selecting an LG standard DVD player code.

Regarding your "dark" picture, the 200's excellent Qdeo processor normally is set to default. By going into setup, you can change the setting from "default" to "user" and make quite a bit of picture changes. Of course, you will need a remote to get into setup, even a universal with LG DVD player will work.

Sorry, don't have any answer to the "jerks" you experienced with your Pirates DVD.

Aside from some minor quirks, the 200 is an overall excellent multi-player. Btw, if you haven't already done so, update to the latest firmware to avoid possible non-playing issues with some newer BD releases. Check the firmware threads in this Dual Player forum and you'll find what you need.

Mike T
Jeff D's Avatar Jeff D 11:24 PM 04-19-2009
You may want to try to play a CD to see if the laser used for CD/DVD has problems. That's something that could be an issue and a simple test of playing CDs may tell you something.
Theophile's Avatar Theophile 01:58 PM 04-22-2009
Congrats on your new player! I was in a similar situation with my BH200...look HERE for my remote solution!

w_otoole's Avatar w_otoole 04:11 PM 04-26-2009
Went ahead and got the remote directly from LG....price was a little cheaper than the 1-800-Remotes website, and it appears to be brand new. Arrived in two days as well, so if there is anyone out there looking for a BH200 remote, I'd recommend going directly through LG. Be warned, though, it will cost about $38 after shipping.

My rebate should be on its way as well, the person I talked to at LG just wanted the serial number and didn't even want a copy of the receipt, which I found to be strange.

I'm going to post in the master BH200 thread from now on, as the one flaw I've noticed so far is that there are 7 or 8 times during watching a movie where there will be a split-second audio dropout. I haven't had a chance to check which firmware its running, but I wonder if it's as simple as an update to fix this slight problem.
DigitalfreakNYC's Avatar DigitalfreakNYC 11:40 AM 11-08-2010
Question: I have a used version and the remote is missing the back of the battery case. I tried calling LG (who referred me to someone else) and they laughed at me and told me to put tape on it.
Is there any viable option for me?
ratracer's Avatar ratracer 11:50 PM 11-08-2010
Do a search on google for 'akb35121701' if you're willing to spend the ~$30 for a new remote.
DigitalfreakNYC's Avatar DigitalfreakNYC 04:44 AM 11-09-2010
Originally Posted by ratracer View Post

Do a search on google for 'akb35121701' if you're willing to spend the ~$30 for a new remote.

I don't need a new remote. This one works fine. I was just looking for the battery case.
chexi1's Avatar chexi1 01:14 PM 11-15-2010
Find similar remote in store, take battery cover off remote. Pay the problem forward to the next guy who buys an open box.

Seriously, I had this problem once when I bought an open box sony receiver. I talked to the store, they ordered me a new battery cover (free of charge). When it finally arrived, it was the whole remote!
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