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amarine1's Avatar amarine1 01:23 AM 10-18-2012
I just picked up a Samsung BD-UP5000 from Goodwill (in the hope I could eliminate 2 spots in my entertainment center down to one) as I have a Toshiba HD-DVD player (A2 I believe) and a Philips Blue Ray.

I lusted after this combo player for years and yet could never afford it. Now it appears that despite the fact that BD is is the present defacto format... Samsung chooses to allow it's Premium product lines fall into obscurity (I have no issues with it playing DVD and HD-DVD).... but going from 1.2 to 1.6 of the firmware... I cannot for the life of me get newer BlueRay discs to run (such as "Serenity"). I have gotten a couple of older BlueRay discs to run, but despite running each firmware update on this device.... nada on newer discs.

I've seen some comments from those who try to engage Samsung to react to this issue.... but it is interesting Samsung doesn't seem to care as to the dwindling BD-UP5000 community (even though the media format having issues in their device is NOT the format that lost the HD wars.... but that which is the defacto format).

Now I have older Panasonic DVD players from the '90's that have ZERO issues playing even the latest DVD's........ why is it that this device can't do the same (and the community that spent so much money helping Samsung by purchasing their premium product at the time gets hung out to dry)?

I'd like this thread to turn into one that people can walk into for the latest info (and I'll try to update the first page of my posts over time so people don't have to hunt through so many pages to get the firmware info and latest Samsung info regarding this device).

I'm glad to be part of this forum, and appreciate the opportunity to contribute to this community.

amarine1's Avatar amarine1 10:28 AM 11-15-2012
Any comments?
temilotzin21's Avatar temilotzin21 06:51 PM 11-18-2012
I've only had issues with Sherlock Holmes and some HD-DVD's. Luckily I also have the LG combo player too, so between the two I can usually get a disc to play. If I were you I would give the Serenity HD-DVD a shot it plays fine on my 5000 and they can be found on Amazon for a couple bucks. Short of that I would bug Samsung to get it right.
mr.kludge's Avatar mr.kludge 11:56 AM 03-03-2013
There are already active owners and problem disc threads for this player established. I recommend you read and post there. First I have heard of an issue with Serenity bd on this player. I suspect most that own it own the hd and not the bd.
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