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Rutgar's Avatar Rutgar 08:40 PM 08-24-2007
Originally Posted by The_Target View Post

Not sure if this has been mentioned, but all of the buttons ar on the TOP of the device. I mounted one of these in a Middle Atlantic rack with the custom faceplate, and it's impossible to eject, turn on, or play without the remote. Why on earth would you not put the freakin eject button on the front of a device that's bound to be put in a rack?

Just get a rack shelf and place the unit on it. I know someone else who has a Mid Atlantic rack, and that's what they did.

The_Target's Avatar The_Target 11:45 AM 08-28-2007
Obviously you can do that, but when all the other equipment is in faceplats creating a nice clean "flat" front surface, it looks hokie to have a 2U shelf and a gap above it. That being said, form must follow function in that case. Or just program the remote to take care of it all for you
Officer Steve's Avatar Officer Steve 05:07 PM 08-30-2007
Is this LG the only combo player available right now? I know the samsung is coming out sometime this year, but just wondering.
nashou66's Avatar nashou66 02:57 PM 09-15-2007
I thinks its cool with the buttons on top.
markrubin's Avatar markrubin 07:06 AM 09-17-2007
GPowers's Avatar GPowers 09:50 PM 10-15-2007
There is a current (10/15/07) problem playing some blu-Ray disks (Fantastic four 2). First the disk will prompt for a firmware update to be able to play the disk. After the upgrade the video will play but you get audio drop out. I have tried both DD5.1 and DTS audio tracks. Both have the audio drop out.
daMaster's Avatar daMaster 10:05 AM 10-17-2007
If I get this player, will it output HD-DVD and BluRay via component at 1080i resolution?
GPowers's Avatar GPowers 12:14 PM 10-17-2007
Originally Posted by daMaster View Post

If I get this player, will it output HD-DVD and BluRay via component at 1080i resolution?

Yes, but it will NOT upscale most std DVD. The upscaling and 1080p only work accross HDMI.
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