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I wanted to start a thread to bridge the LG BH200 and Samsung BD-UP5000 regarding shared problems. Many will probably ask why. Well the main reason is that some of the major internal parts are shared and most likely using a shared code base. By comparing notes we may be able to bubble up good problem reporting and reproduction steps. Once we have that we can forward on to both LG and Samsung who can then forward on to Broadcom and other providers. I will try to get this updated as others share and confirm issues on the two players. Please keep this thread only to the reporting and reproduction of issues or solutions. We don't need to fight a battle of which player is better or worse here.

I haven't seen the BH200 in action yet but I assuming its UI is different from the UP5000 and each have their UI done internally for branding purposes. Everything below the UI from HDi and BD-J to audio and video decoding can very likely be shared code bases. However as time goes on either LG or Samsung may be more prompt in rolling out updates than the other, that will also serve to show that the internals are capable and only that the manufacturer hasn't released the features yet.

Confirmed share components:
1. Broadcom BCM7440
2. Linux based OS, appears to be 2.6.12 (as of 12/17/2007). This was confirmed for UP5000 using nmap and the firmware update for BH200 lists kernel version. (Sidenote that 2.6.12 was released in Summer 2005, however it is quite possible nothing since has been added to kernel that is useful for these devices)

Confirmed shared problems:
1. Bitstreaming support for TrueHD
2. Bitstreaming support for DTS-HD MA

Potentially shared problems:
1. Video noise issue
2. Internal decoding of TrueHD or DTS-HD MA for merging of PiP sounds for rencoding to PCM for HDMI or DTS for Optical.

Outstanding questions:
1. Do the players share their optical drive?
2. Are there other single format players using the Broadcom solution that might show what the chip is capable of?

Safely excluded from discussion here:
1. SD-DVD, the BH200 uses the Marvell Qdeo and UP5000 uses the Silicon Optix Reon-VX HQV. Any problems shared on this front I would chalk up to coincidence.
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Thanks for starting this thread. FAQ for the BD-UP5000 is below in my sig, and I will link back to here.

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Being that LG and Samsung are both in the ODD business, I would expect the actual drives inside their units to be their own. Judging from the picture of the inside of the BD-UP5000 I can say for sure its definitely not an LG drive, which is most definitely inside the BH200.

LG has sold BD burners for PC's for some time and recently released a Blu-ray writer / HD DVD reader.
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Hi. I have a client that just reported their BH200 was not playing HD-DVD. The unit lights up the HD-DVD logo on the front, then ejects the disc shortly thereafter...anyone else heard of this yet? I tried looking all over LG's website and the BH200 microsite for firmware, but there's nothing for support on either...except for "Sorry, the system is busy."
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I just received a new BD-UP5000 a few days ago. It has been updated to the latest firmware v1.2.

The STOP button does not always allow resume on Blu-Ray disks. About 90% of the time it restarts the disk from the beginning and you have to wait for the load; then step through the endless previews on most disks; step back to the chapter where you left off.

DVDs STOP and RESUME fine. BU and DVD disks also PAUSE and RESUME fine.

I am returning the player. It just has too many issues, and now that is being discontinued, I expect updates will end.

I tried to post this to the wiki, but it is closed.

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Good idea for a thread. This thread could do with updating.

Personally speaking until Samsung release firmware to bring it in-line with the LG it doesn't interest me. Both seem to have roughly the same number of problem discs, which contrasts prior opinions that the LG was better in this respect.

Originally Posted by hkaplan131 View Post

and now that is being discontinued, I expect updates will end.

That is indeed worrying. Something at least LG, we know aren't doing.
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