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CDLehner's Avatar CDLehner 07:22 PM 09-06-2010
Originally Posted by Jaketh View Post

Girls - Album


CDLehner's Avatar CDLehner 08:02 AM 09-07-2010
Originally Posted by CDLehner View Post


At it's best...it sounds like second-rate JMC to me.

CDLehner's Avatar CDLehner 09:28 PM 09-10-2010
Love that Jenny Lewis!

CDLehner's Avatar CDLehner 06:31 PM 09-11-2010
I know this might seem like sacrilege to some, but I think I actually like Up The Downstair better than FOABP. Although Sleep Together is just flat-out great!

Football doesn't start until tomorrow; anyone out there listening to any music??

westgate's Avatar westgate 07:24 PM 09-12-2010

williamtassone's Avatar williamtassone 09:44 AM 09-13-2010

Jaketh's Avatar Jaketh 06:24 PM 09-14-2010
Originally Posted by CDLehner View Post

At it's best...it sounds like second-rate JMC to me.


no disagreement here
MSmith83's Avatar MSmith83 01:35 PM 09-15-2010
Tubular Bells: 2009 Deluxe Edition

I'm listening to the 2009 mixes. It is almost hard to believe that something mixed in 2009 has proper volume levels and excellent dynamics.
TNHNDYMAN's Avatar TNHNDYMAN 02:59 PM 09-15-2010
Chicago's Beginnings from the Carnegie Hall Boxed set
Jaketh's Avatar Jaketh 06:10 PM 09-15-2010
Silversun Pickups - Pikul
CruelInventions's Avatar CruelInventions 07:43 PM 09-15-2010
'been a long time since I had this one in regular rotation. These guys were a hoot, especially the guitar player.
CDLehner's Avatar CDLehner 07:56 PM 09-15-2010
Just got my hands on a copy of SH's Gold remaster...and it sounds AWESOME!

EmmBee's Avatar EmmBee 12:18 PM 09-16-2010
Missus Beastly
EmmBee's Avatar EmmBee 12:18 PM 09-16-2010
Secret Story
EmmBee's Avatar EmmBee 12:19 PM 09-16-2010
Tim Story's Buzzle
Jaketh's Avatar Jaketh 07:14 PM 09-17-2010
Hot Chip - Made In The Dark
hifihipster's Avatar hifihipster 08:39 PM 09-17-2010

Chameleons - What Does Anything Mean? Basically
glennQNYC's Avatar glennQNYC 10:04 PM 09-17-2010
The Black Keys "Brothers (Deluxe)"
eljr's Avatar eljr 08:45 AM 09-18-2010
But Seriously Folks------------Joe Walsh
eljr's Avatar eljr 08:47 AM 09-18-2010
Originally Posted by glennQNYC View Post

The Black Keys "Brothers (Deluxe)"

most excellent
eljr's Avatar eljr 09:03 AM 09-18-2010
eljr's Avatar eljr 10:20 AM 09-18-2010
MSmith83's Avatar MSmith83 12:06 PM 09-18-2010
Judas Priest - British Steel (not a modern remastered version)
eljr's Avatar eljr 05:03 AM 09-19-2010
Legacy---------Gary Davis
eljr's Avatar eljr 12:53 PM 09-19-2010
American Beauty-----------Grateful Dead
bfm's Avatar bfm 05:18 PM 09-19-2010
"Live Between Us"

track - 'Nautical Disaster'

Because we need to remember our forefathers and their sacrifices. Audio Quality? pffft and meh. It doesn't matter.
CDLehner's Avatar CDLehner 06:58 PM 09-20-2010
I'm checking out the new one from Of Montreal, False Priest; it's no Cherry Peel.

westgate's Avatar westgate 07:30 PM 09-22-2010

vinyl, ca '83. some consider it to be a sequel to the 1971s 'blows against the empire'.
Rodrigues_Brazil's Avatar Rodrigues_Brazil 11:44 AM 09-23-2010
Sooooooo cool!

Southern Culture On The Skids | Dirt Track Date

Rammitinski's Avatar Rammitinski 11:32 PM 09-23-2010
Is that Peg Bundy?
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