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nwmusicman's Avatar nwmusicman 07:00 PM 06-12-2014

Rory Block - Last Fair Deal SACD

tomintn's Avatar tomintn 08:53 PM 06-12-2014
1 vinyl.

The New Cactus Band - Son Of Cactus

Includes Mike Pinera, formally of Blues Image & Iron Butterfly, Duane Hitchings, Roland Robinson, & Jerry Norris.

The original Cactus was to be Jeff Beck, Tim Bogert and Carmine Appice (both from Vanilla Fudge). Mr. Beck was in an auto accident, ending the orginal Cactus before it began.

This album is ok.
postrokfan's Avatar postrokfan 09:50 PM 06-12-2014

domino92024's Avatar domino92024 10:43 PM 06-12-2014
Originally Posted by citizen arcane View Post
Acid Mothers Temple - - The Day Before the Sky Fell In

HEY! It's Judge Ito!
Rodrigues_Brazil's Avatar Rodrigues_Brazil 05:37 AM 06-13-2014
Neil Young & Crazy Horse | Americana

Rodrigues_Brazil's Avatar Rodrigues_Brazil 05:54 AM 06-13-2014
Is it just me or anyone else prefering the old forum interface? The new interface loads slowly here.
Rodrigues_Brazil's Avatar Rodrigues_Brazil 06:33 AM 06-13-2014
Albert King | Born Under a Bad Sign

tomintn's Avatar tomintn 09:23 AM 06-13-2014
1 vinyl.

J. J. Cale - Naturally

An excellent album!

Recorded in my neck of the woods!

Have a great weekend!
smasher50's Avatar smasher50 04:23 PM 06-13-2014
the eagles - the long run

eljr's Avatar eljr 04:53 PM 06-13-2014

Remastered disc II, the Live recordings.
citizen arcane's Avatar citizen arcane 05:07 PM 06-13-2014
Originally Posted by domino92024 View Post
HEY! It's Judge Ito!

For those who don't know this cover is a tribute (parody?) of Amon Duul II's - 'Yeti'
citizen arcane's Avatar citizen arcane 05:16 PM 06-13-2014
Pageant--Abysmal Masquerade

gillcup's Avatar gillcup 05:20 PM 06-13-2014
Clutch - Robot Hives/Exodus

smasher50's Avatar smasher50 05:21 PM 06-13-2014
james gang - yer' album

eljr's Avatar eljr 05:25 PM 06-13-2014
Originally Posted by smasher50 View Post
james gang - yer' album
now that right there is as good as it gets
eljr's Avatar eljr 05:26 PM 06-13-2014

citizen arcane's Avatar citizen arcane 06:05 PM 06-13-2014
Kenso II

gillcup's Avatar gillcup 06:08 PM 06-13-2014
Bomboras - Head Shrinkin' Fun

Modern surf rock.
smasher50's Avatar smasher50 06:12 PM 06-13-2014
steely dan - can't buy a thrill

eljr's Avatar eljr 06:41 PM 06-13-2014

smasher50's Avatar smasher50 06:51 PM 06-13-2014
zz top - tres hombres

fatuglyguy's Avatar fatuglyguy 05:03 AM 06-14-2014

Trap Them - Bliss****er
Rodrigues_Brazil's Avatar Rodrigues_Brazil 05:18 AM 06-14-2014
Weather Report | Mysterious Traveller

nwmusicman's Avatar nwmusicman 07:02 AM 06-14-2014

Christian Scott - Rewind That
eljr's Avatar eljr 10:17 AM 06-14-2014

KEF9000 10:26 AM 06-14-2014

postrokfan's Avatar postrokfan 10:28 AM 06-14-2014


Just saw this band in Denver with Between the Buried and Me last Monday. Awesome show!
someoledude's Avatar someoledude 11:13 AM 06-14-2014
Girls with Guitars - Samantha Fish, Dani Wilde, Cassie Taylor on Ruf records. Mike Zito produced. Just a fun blues record with very talented up and coming performers giving a solid performance!
eljr's Avatar eljr 11:48 AM 06-14-2014

eljr's Avatar eljr 12:34 PM 06-14-2014
Originally Posted by eljr View Post

Spinning CD II now.
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