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smasher50's Avatar smasher50 06:17 PM 08-30-2014
Originally Posted by larry7995 View Post
I need to get some Albert Collins, what are the best of his recordings?
no particular order I enjoy the iceman album , ice pickin, frostbite, and the cold snap album. also the showdown album with Robert cray and johnny Copeland is excellent

smasher50's Avatar smasher50 06:37 PM 08-30-2014
albert Collins, Robert cray, johnny Copeland - showdown

lovinthehd's Avatar lovinthehd 06:49 PM 08-30-2014
Journey - Journey

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smasher50's Avatar smasher50 07:26 PM 08-30-2014
buddy guy - living proof

lovinthehd's Avatar lovinthehd 08:27 PM 08-30-2014
Frank Zappa - Them or Us

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DaverJ's Avatar DaverJ 09:03 PM 08-30-2014
Rare Earth - Get Ready (vinyl)

lovinthehd's Avatar lovinthehd 09:14 PM 08-30-2014
Jimi Hendrix - Loose Ends

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DaverJ's Avatar DaverJ 09:25 PM 08-30-2014
Grand Funk Railroad - Good Singin' Good Playin' (vinyl, produced by Frank Zappa!)

Waboman's Avatar Waboman 11:38 PM 08-30-2014
Originally Posted by smasher50 View Post
albert Collins, Robert cray, johnny Copeland - showdown
That's a fantastic album. It saw heavy rotation back in the day. It's been ages since I've heard it lately.
MSchu18's Avatar MSchu18 08:44 AM 08-31-2014

eljr's Avatar eljr 08:59 AM 08-31-2014

smasher50's Avatar smasher50 09:29 AM 08-31-2014
Fleetwood mac(peter green) - blues jam in Chicago vol.1

citizen arcane's Avatar citizen arcane 09:30 AM 08-31-2014
Cluster & Eno

eljr's Avatar eljr 09:36 AM 08-31-2014

Shadowed's Avatar Shadowed 09:45 AM 08-31-2014
smasher50's Avatar smasher50 10:20 AM 08-31-2014
stevie ray Vaughan - the sky is crying

postrokfan's Avatar postrokfan 11:18 AM 08-31-2014
smasher50's Avatar smasher50 12:55 PM 08-31-2014
keb' mo' - keb' mo'

postrokfan's Avatar postrokfan 01:06 PM 08-31-2014
Dude111's Avatar Dude111 02:10 PM 08-31-2014
Listening to my RATT cassette (Out of the celler)

Current song: Lack of communication
postrokfan's Avatar postrokfan 02:32 PM 08-31-2014

Orbital- In Sides
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smasher50's Avatar smasher50 02:44 PM 08-31-2014
savoy brown - looking in * fwiw,one of my fav covers

tomintn's Avatar tomintn 02:57 PM 08-31-2014
Donovan - Donovan's Greatest Hits (vinyl)
gillcup's Avatar gillcup 03:03 PM 08-31-2014
Finch - Mythology (3 CD compilation of 1970's prog rock band)

smasher50's Avatar smasher50 03:16 PM 08-31-2014
spooky tooth - spooky two *another fine album I literally wore out back in its day

smasher50's Avatar smasher50 04:04 PM 08-31-2014
foghat - foghat

Shadowed's Avatar Shadowed 04:12 PM 08-31-2014

Looking through all of these pages of bands and music is amazing and pretty humbling.

I have never heard of 75% of this stuff, I feel like I have led a pretty musically sheltered life.

Caravan Palace
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Shadowed's Avatar Shadowed 04:25 PM 08-31-2014
Originally Posted by MSchu18 View Post
Does the turn table track ok sitting on top of a speaker like that ?
gillcup's Avatar gillcup 04:38 PM 08-31-2014
Originally Posted by citizen arcane View Post
Missus Beastly - Dr.Aftershave & The Mixed-Pickles

Good G*d if forgot how good this was......great fusion w/ the krautrock element thrown in - track 6 is stellar.........recommended.

I was also blown away by the live 'Bremen' I posted some days ago........
Thanks for recommending this. I had never heard of them and given the strange band name and terrible album artwork, I can't imagine I ever would have given them a chance. I sampled their albums on iTunes and ended up buying their 2nd album (Gorilla cover) plus two songs from their 1st album (Uncle Sam & Aphrodisiakum). They remind me of Soft Machine starting with Third.
Section 107's Avatar Section 107 04:42 PM 08-31-2014

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