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lsuslu's Avatar lsuslu 12:30 PM 04-24-2008
hey guys,
I have a 1980 Marantz Esotec SC-9 that I don't really touch anymore. It is an awesome piece of equipment, but I am thinking about letting it go. Should I keep it or sell it, as it is still worth a decent amount of money.

tailender2's Avatar tailender2 03:35 PM 11-13-2012
If you still have the Marantz SC9 for sale please conact me
Class A's Avatar Class A 05:43 PM 11-13-2012
I would go on Audokarma and you'll get plenty of responses. That is an excellent preamp by the way. From what I remember the phono section can handle both MM & MC carts. That unit should go quick. How much you get for it obviously depends on its condition.smile.gif
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