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As I said before, vinyl brings back those childhood memories...scratchiness, skips, accidental bumps to the end of the song...

Basement parties with just a turntable and some boombox connected through the phono/aux inputs...

That one strobe light flashing from the DJ's table...

Slow songs where you moved ever so carefully into the darker corners of the basement to get a little extra play with your dance partner...

And then Dad comes downstairs, turns on all the lights and waves a flashlight in every corner to check where his daughter's at...

Ahhh, those were the days...
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That's not what I said. I said it's more profitable, not that it generates greater revenue.

Well, if you're going to redefine the word profitable to mean something other than "making the most profit," you need to say so. If what you meant was that it has higher margins, my response would be, so what? Luxury goods always do.


I didn't say that either. I'm quite certain that digital formats will always dominate the market. I'll repeat what I said above: it's a long way from saying that vinyl is *dead*.

Well, if your definition of "not dead" is "sold one unit," you won't get an argument.

But if you're going to compare the vinyl market to the CD market, then you ought to be willing to concede that the CD market is 300 times less dead than the vinyl market, and the digital market is (still) killing the analog market.

If you can't explain how it works, you can't say it doesn't.—The High-End Creed

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Originally Posted by mcnarus View Post

Please don't be intimidated by the obnoxiousness on display here. It is uncharacteristic of AVS generally.

Moving on, audiophiles like wax because it isn't CD.

They tend to eschew newer technologies in order to reinforce their insane investment in older technology. Hence, the tube following.

Also, they like to be more involved in a hands-on manner with the gear. This is sort of the impetus behind the whole cable-swapping thing (experimentation and the joy of discovery). Turntables are fairly easily upgraded and modified from the ground up, and this appeals to that crowd. Tubes follow this as well.
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Originally Posted by penngray View Post

oh man!!! to the world...Get down make love.....lost you know what to that one !!!!

Great Album art too!!!

Would love to hear it originally again someday. I have no passion to buy Vinyl or Vinyl equipment though.

My girl and I enjoy this, you might too. Better sound quality than most concert dvd's I own.

Originally Posted by lodit View Post

Cassette Tapes!!!

Lol...Maxel XLII-S favorite brand of choice back then.

Although I do recall picking up some TDK SA-X 90.

I remember dishing out like $3-5 per boxes of 10.

With a 3 head Teac deck.

I tried both and preferred the XL IIS, and yeah, they were pricey.

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Originally Posted by Weasel9992 View Post

Each vinyl record sold makes much more money that each CD. There's more profit PER UNIT.

Please show me some independent fact for this. As far as I know the vinyl version are often more then 4 times as expensive to produce than the CD version.

Sound and video is not magic, it is pure physics. Physics that can be magical
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