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I wasn't sure exactly where to post this question, but hopefully someone in this topic area can help.

I make copies of CDs for my private use in my car. I am an anal-retentive CD collector who tries to keep my discs as perfect and as scratch-free as possible. I also have many CDs that are rare and not able to be replaced, so this is why every CD I want to play in my car I make a copy for. With just using copies in the car I don't have to worry about scratches getting put on them or the CDs disintegrating from the heat in the car during the summer because I know the originals are safe at home.

With that said, I'm at a loss as to why gaps are placed between tracks of my copies that are not there on the original discs. I have quite a few discs where music continues through the track change on the original, but on the copies of that same disc there is a silent gap at the track change on the copies I burn and the silent gap interrupts the music during the track change.

Now, I'm not using itunes or any type of downloaded content. I'm taking my original disc and using whatever burning software that came with my computer (can't remember the name right now) to make the copies.

I do realize that there are some options to manually choose to add in seconds or gaps between tracks, but I am not choosing that. In fact, I am choosing the option that is supposed to record the entire disc as-is, making an exact replica of the original.

So this is why I don't understand why my copies contain gaps between tracks. Now here is the really interesting part-it only does it with certain tracks. Sometimes the copy contains gaps at the track change and interrupts the music and at other times the copy changes track and the music continues through the track change and there is no gap. However, the gaps are at the same place no matter how often I try to make copies of the original.

Thoughts? I'm pretty puzzled by this. Would this be something created by any copyright protection on the originals? Obviously this is not a problem on most of my discs as the music stops at the end of each track, but I do have quite a few CDs where music continues through the track change and it's most annoying having a silent gap interrupt the music when it is not that way on the original disc.

Any help on why this is happening would be appreciated.
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When burning CD, software you use applies default two second gaps. This is based on CD specification. If you want to avoid them either clone CD (or burn ISO image), or select every track in your software and set gap to zero. If your software does not permit extracting ISO from original CD, get another one.
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Thanks for the response ap1.

However, the 'clone' CD is basically the option I'm choosing and the gaps are still appearing. The software I am using also allows me to burn a disc 'image' and I've tried that too, but then when I burn the image the gaps are still there.

Also, while I do realize the gaps are kind of a default, when I do the 'clone' kind of copying, the gaps only appear in some spots, where other spots there are no gaps and the music plays through the track change with no interruption, so there seems to be no reason or rhyme for this occurrence.
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If you are unable to adjust this somewhere in the settings, try different software. It is definitely possible to burn a CD without adding any extraneous gaps that are not present on the original CD.

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Do you know if the Original CD has a back-track on it? For example Amon Amarth's new album, Surtur Rising has a instrumental track that starts at (-) and ends at the beginning of the song. When imported or burned, the instrumental track is removed, therefore shortening the song. This may cause a gap in a burned copy.

From Wiki
"The last track, "Doom Over Dead Man", is reported on the back of the album as being 7:32, but actually skipping to the track or ripping it produces a song that's 5:55. There's a 1:37 instrumental part hidden in the pregap between 9 and 10 that can only be heard by rewinding or playing straight through."

I have seen this on a few other albums, but it is not too common.
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