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airman23's Avatar airman23 07:11 PM 03-04-2012
I'm planning to buy a new outboard D/A converter and a Toslink digital audio switch to connect 4 toslink digital audio sources to my A/V receiver. The reason I'm doing this is because I need an outboard D/A converter to send it's analog L/R stereo output channels to one of the analog stereo inputs on the A/V receiver and then from the receiver's A/V analog stereo output's to my headphone amplifier since the A/V receiver won't do the D/A conversion internally and send an analog stereo output through the A/V receiver's stereo output RCA jacks. I need an outboard D/A converter to do that. It will send any analog stereo signal input to A/V receiver stereo input to A/V stereo output but my main problem is what Toslink switch to buy. I need one with 4 inputs and one or more outputs. the ones I've been looking at are the Inday Model: DA4X-R or the Specialty Model SP42B 4x2 Digital Fiber Optic Optical Audio Selector Switch Can anyone give me their opinion on these unit's. If you own one of them can you give me your experience with the unit. I'm planning to get get either a Musical Fidelity V-Dac Mkll or a Cambridge Audio Dacmagic so I want a toslink switch that will not degrade audio quality whatsoever. the Specialty Audio unit is about $70 cheaper than the Inday unit and I'n tempted to buy if it does essentially the same thing as the Inday unit. If anybody has the Specialty Audio toslink switch can you tell me what you experience with it has been etc. Your prompt replies will be appreciated.

irons's Avatar irons 11:06 PM 03-03-2013
I'm also interested in the SP42B, in particular wondering if it adds any appreciable latency.
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