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bigboyhf's Avatar bigboyhf 12:10 PM 06-20-2012
I have a 20" TV sitting on my kitchen counter. The speakers on the TV are awful and I want to use 2 small external speakers like those for a computer monitor. Space and size are critical. They need to be small and decent looking. Sound quality has to be better than what is on the TV but I don't expect super quality given the size restrictions. There is no room for a subwoofer so it must be just 2 powered speakers. The TV has an optical out and a headphone jack which is probably what I will have to use for a 2.0 setup. I had a set of Bose up there but they are a little bigger than I want. Any other suggestions?

commsysman's Avatar commsysman 03:25 PM 06-20-2012
I suggest the Audioengine 2 powered speakers; I use these for my computer and the sound is very good, and the size is right. They cost $199.

The TV headphone jack is the same as the output jack on a computer, and these can take either that or RCA analog for input connections.

Check out the Stereophile review on them.

Another one that is supposed to be good is the Behringer MS16 speakers, which are under $100 from Amazon. They are small, but possibly a bit larger than the Audioengine 2.
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