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kromozome's Avatar kromozome 07:08 PM 08-10-2012
Hi there. I've been a lurker for some time and I thank you folks for excellent advice.

So little background here. Our group moved into a new office 18 months ago and were given carte blanche to decorate / furnish as we wished (15 year depreciation). I decided I wanted my office to include an Audio / Video aspect and I had a 60 inch Sony HD flat screen mounted on my wall as my computer monitor with HDMI cables in the ceiling. I also bought a nice AV set up including NAD surround amp, Yamaha CD changer, B&W CM1 speakers in Rosenut and Marantz Blu Ray player.

18 months later, roof repairs after Irene lead to the roof catching fire and the subsequent fire / smoke / water damage to the penthouse leads to my office being declared a write-off.

So I'm faced with the (un)enviable task of replacing all of my AV gear all at once. I have written about 5 e-mails and checked with our regional director and office manager about a zillion times to make sure I will be reimbursed for this stuff. Most large corporations don't like reimbursing for stereo gear wink.gif

I really tried to be reasonable, stay within a small percentage of the value of the previous gear and match piece for piece. However, it sure feels funny ordering close to 5k worth of new gear all at once. I wanted to keep the components one brand for remote ease sake and sound compatibility. I considered Cambridge Audio, Marantz, Music Hall, Creek and NAD. I also really wanted to focus on the best possible sounding 2 channel set up and not a surround system.

Here's what's on tap:

Amp: NAD C365 DAC
CD player: NAD C565BEE (dual Wolfson DACs)
Blu Ray: NAD T567
iPod 160 GB
Cambridge Audio ID100 iPod / iPad dock
Speakers: Paradigm Studio 20v5 in Rosenut on J29 stands
Connects: Straightwire gold interconnects and quad wired speaker cables
Rack: Salamander 2 tier rack in Walnut
Power: Panamax Surge Protector

Be interested to hear your thoughts. Cannot wait to throw on a couple of CDs to hear how this sounds (Supertramp - Breakfast in America, Police - Synchronicity, Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon, Deadmau5 - Random Album Title, Glenn Gould - Goldberg Variations and Depeche Mode - Violator)

commsysman's Avatar commsysman 07:58 AM 08-11-2012
First of all, I assume you mean NAD 356, not 365.

That is a good unit. I think that the Music Hall A15.2 is a better-sounding amplifier, but it would require a separate DAC.

The OPPO BDP-95 is a MUCH MUCH better CD player than anything NAD makes. As a matter of fact, it is better-sounding than my $6000 Ayre SACD player!! It plays Bluray, SACD, CD, and almost anything else that is round. $999.

It should be named the product of the decade! There is nothing better for under $10,000 IMO.

Those are excellent speakers; you will certainly love them. The Stereophile article on them raved about them, too.

For $1695, a pair of Gallo Audio Classico CL-3 speakers are better, IMO, but then I have them and love them, so I am hopelessly
kromozome's Avatar kromozome 11:26 AM 08-11-2012
I listened to my set up this morning and was disappointed with the bass. Could this be attributed to just the positioning of the speakers or should I be looking for new gear?
Ethan Winer's Avatar Ethan Winer 11:51 AM 08-11-2012
Originally Posted by kromozome View Post

I listened to my set up this morning and was disappointed with the bass. Could this be attributed to just the positioning of the speakers or should I be looking for new gear?

Speaker positioning, and also bass traps. Both are needed for excellent bass in most rooms.

akhter's Avatar akhter 07:16 AM 08-21-2012
If I could stretch a bit more I would get:
Linn Majik DSM
Linn Majik 109 Speakers

And be done with it. The dac/pre/amp all will be vastly superior. Also it has airplay. If I had to go cheaper, I could look at the Linn Kiko.
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