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mg83's Avatar mg83 09:45 AM 11-17-2012
Building a 2.1 system for my living room.

The living room is about 18x12x8 and the main sofa is about 10' back from a 50" plasma. Off to the side will be a smaller love seat, but that's mainly for company.

We bought really nice living room furniture, so we want to keep the setup clean and minimal looking. The main use is going to be for everyday TV shows, some movies, and gaming on PS3. I'm willing to skip on a sub, and use that money towards better speakers if I can it be somewhat comparable. A lot of times I unplug my current sub-woofer because it's just a muddy, boomy mess. Then again I'm using a $300 HTiB, so that's probably the reason. I'd like to stay around $600 for the speakers and receiver. If it's in my best interest for a sub, then I'll bump my budget to about $800. But I don't want to go right to $799.99 if I don't have to.

I really like what I'm reading on the BIC DV64s, and at $125 each, they seem right in my budget. Let's say I add their 8" or 10" subwoofer and now I'm at about $375 shipped. Maybe grab a factory refurbished receiver for $200 and call it a day? IDK that's why I'm asking you guys. cool.gif

I'm also seeing a lot of recommendations for Polk Monitors. Their floor speakers run roughly the same as the DV64s on New Egg, but their Monitor40's can be had for $100 a pair. Still favoring the BICs though.

Maybe in the future I'll upgrade to 5.1, but that's not on the table right now. I'm going to see how I enjoy 2.1 first.

1369ic's Avatar 1369ic 02:36 PM 11-17-2012
NHT Superzero 2.1 system: It's $500 for the speakers, but if you're going stereo you only need this: (or another of their stereo receivers) and you're done for less than $700.

I've got that NHT 2.1 system, and it's excellent. I was using it for my desktop system with a Yamaha amp, but now it's part of the surround sound. While I was switching out my NHTs for my new speakers -- used, actually -- I played the two side-by-side. My new speakers are ATC SCM11s, which retail for about $1700 a pair. The NHTs Superzeros are not as good, but they're so close for $99 each that's it's really amazing. Of course, they really need a sub, as they don't even try to get low. Right now they're being fed by my Denon 7.2 and sound excellent on movies.

The sub is nice because it's acoustic suspension, so the bass is tight. The down side, of course, is that it doesn't go as low as some ported subs. But once you set it up it's seamless.
mg83's Avatar mg83 05:16 PM 11-17-2012
zieglj01's Avatar zieglj01 06:21 PM 11-17-2012
Originally Posted by mg83 View Post

How is this receiver.
I need HDMI and and optical output for PS3.

The Denon is a nice receiver. Also, look at the Wharfedale Evo speakers here.

Save up for a decent sub
akadoublej's Avatar akadoublej 06:42 AM 11-18-2012
I would go with the Hsu HB1Mk2 speakers and one of their subwoofers. Awesome sound. Read the reviews. Consistently excellent, not just one person saying they are great.
postrokfan's Avatar postrokfan 01:06 PM 11-18-2012
I would add the Ascend Acoustics CBM-170SEs and CMT-340SEs to your list. Some other possible options are the KEF Q300s, Infinity Primus 363s (floor stander) or Primus 163s (book shelf), and the Def Tech SM45/SM55s. With the exception of the Infinity Primus 163s or CBM-170SEs, these options would require buying the sub later based on the stated budget.
mg83's Avatar mg83 05:26 PM 11-18-2012
Are the Polks Monitors on New Egg a good deal? I can get the 60's for $100 each.
zieglj01's Avatar zieglj01 09:11 PM 11-18-2012
Originally Posted by mg83 View Post

Are the Polks Monitors on New Egg a good deal? I can get the 60's for $100 each.

Better sounding speakers have already been recomended - however, your call.
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