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rrgone's Avatar rrgone 09:54 PM 12-27-2012
Got a new puppy and he attacked my headphone cable the other day. Chewed nearly in two in multiple places. I'm not sure what to do to repair the cable. These are not top of the line phones (Sennheiser HD 595's) but they work fine for me. Or they used to be fine for me. smile.gif Is there a good way to recable these phones? I do believe the entire cable needs to be replaced. Thanks for suggestions.

kraut's Avatar kraut 11:04 PM 12-27-2012
You sure it wasn't your homework? Or an excuse to justify the purchase of some "hiiighh eeend caaable"

but for the more reasonable expectations and a repair guide

here the canuckconnection: :
Yes, most spare parts for Sennheiser products are offered by our service department. To order parts, contact us at (514) 426-3013 or (800) 463-1006 and ask for extension 279.

Rant on
Now I have only one question: why do you ask here before you google yourself? Are you too old to get the hang of the net? Problems with using the internetz? The parents block your search?
It took me about 60 seconds to find some answer.
I don't mind helping if it is about something that requires expertise and I might have it - but in a case like that it seems pure laziness to work on your own problems.
Rant off
rrgone's Avatar rrgone 02:28 AM 12-28-2012
Guess it was late when I posted. tongue.gif
Thanks for the help!
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