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Originally Posted by audiomagnate View Post

Originally Posted by arnyk View Post

...Seems like this thread is spinning into a battle between system eq and room acoustics.

Taking either side is like flunking an IQ test, because you need both to have really good SQ no matter what your room is or how good your speakers are...

Originally Posted by arnyk View Post

Please explain to me why we should be interested in rooms at hi fi shows?

It is well known that the sound quality of audio systems particularly their speakers is profoundly affected by the rooms they play in.

Since few if any of us live in hotel rooms, why would the sound of stereo gear playing in hotel rooms matter to us?

I hear that a lot, and it just doesn't make sense to me. Hotel rooms have walls, ceilings, carpet and furniture, just like listening rooms. What's the difference?

One thing about those walls, ceilings, carpet and furniture is they are all different and the differences matter big time.

You seem to be constructing an argument that says "all walls, ceilings, carpet and furniture sound the same", which you contradict below:
There are good and bad sounding hotel rooms, just as there are good and bad sounding listening rooms. If the vendor really cares about how his product is going to sound at a show he will take the time to optimize the room and speaker placement, or insist on another room if it's a real stinker.

You seem to be missing the point that fairly small differences in rooms can make big differences in a loudspeakers sound quality. Even if the hotel listening room sounds good, its a different sound than you are going to hear at home.

Furthermore, you audition speakers at an audio show for a few minutes to probably still less than an hour. You get it home and listen to it for however many weeks, months and hopefully even years. Small problems often become more worrisome over time.
Horrible sounding rooms are the exception at most shows, mediocre sounding speakers are the rule. If you think auditioning speakers at shows is of little or no value, how DO you determine how a given speaker sounds?

Now that is a very fair question.

I determine how speakers sound in my listening room at home by listening to them in my listening room at home. What a concept! ;-)
Do you make your decisions based on what you read on line or in the glossy mags?

Relatively unbiased technical test information from reliable sources is part of my decisions. Purely subjective reviews are immediately discarded.
Does your local retailer

I haven't seriously auditioned speakers in at a local retailer's premises for over a decade. Last speakers I bought where an in-store audition was part of the evaluation had a horrible outcome. Speakers in question were NHT 2.5is which the dealer didn't even have hooked up when I asked to hear them. At $1300 a pair, the dealer acted like they were not really worth his trouble. I bought them anyway and they were very satisfying for years and years.

The dealer had only one person watching the store who spent over an hour with some lookey-loo who asked question after question before leaving the store without purchasing anything. I walked out of the store having never been even approached for about an hour. The sales guy must have suddenly awakened because he chased me out to the parking lot and apologized. I took this for a good sign but as you can tell from my previous comments he shortly lost interest in my purchase when he found out it was under $2K, I guess.

Nice thing about Amazon is that while their personal service is zilch, at least their sales staff isn't surly, probably because it doesn't exist. ;-)

As I previously mentioned I later went to a high end audio show and was struck by the futility of trying to make purchase decisions based on what was going on there.
have every speaker you are interested in stock and on display in an optimized room in the perfect location?

Surely you jest? That doesn't exist anywhere I know of even Manhattan Island!
Or are you so wealthy that you simply have them all brought into your room a pair at a time for your personal evaluation.

Knowing what I know about how rooms affect sound, and what can be done to optimize a given speaker using positioning, equalization, system configuration and tuning room acoustics is a big help.
I evaluate speakers by going to shows and listening to them. Pretty weird, huh?

I suspect that you must have very insensitive hearing if you find the procedures you describe to be meaningful.
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