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What is important in making high quality copies from LP's and CD's in FLAC?

I'm looking for advice on making high quality FLAC's from Vinyl and CD's. Where does the quality of the equipment in the chain really make a difference and which parts just don't matter.

The ‘givens’ from what I've learned so far are:
1. I will be using FLAC files. Sampling depth and rates to be determined by source.
2. I will be storing them on a NAS 4x3Tb using Raid 5 (with a backup and a backup) on a hard-wired home network and played back on vintage (analog) stereo systems. The 4 drives in the NAS are of the same production, so I will be replacing two with compatible drives and using the removed units as backup drives.
3. Although Easy Audio Copy seems popular it sounds like it is worth buying DbPowerAmp. This discussion is found in other threads.
4. Mediamonkey, FooBar, Twonky and JRiver are contenders for media server. Comment?

Here is a list of equipment that will be used, including options.

1. Dual Golden 1 w/ Ortofon OMB 30 cartridge.

CD player Does it matter if I use the computer's DVD player or would an external unit give more detail? I can hear the difference in the same CD played on different machines. Is this because the laser is picking up more information or is it the analog processing of the same data? Would it be better to buy a disk player that where the circuitry can be bypassed?
1. Computer DVD player.
2. 2003 Marantz DV 3100 DVD player. Like new and not in use.
3. 1990 Revox B226 CD player. Reconditioned to spec.
4. 1990 McIntosh MCD 7007 CD player (apparently the same laser as the Revox (and the 1983 Philips CD104)). Reconditioned to spec.
5. I won't look at a new unit such as the Oppo 105 until my HT is ready to go.

Receiver/Amp The TT needs a preamp that is connected to the Computer. How much difference does this stage make on the sound? Assuming good condition, does the 20 year old Mac 4100 win over the 30 year old Marantz? Or does the Anthem win because it has digital outs instead of philips plugs?
1. 1973 Marantz 1070 amp/preamp. In very good shape. Not in use now, so most available. When it was used it was left on 24/7 "to minimize the crystallization of resistors" (the thought of the day). It has not been used much since 1990.
2. 1980 McIntosh Mac 4100 receiver. Reconditioned. Currently being used as the main playback, but could be moved if the better choice.
3. 1990 McIntosh C34V Audio Video Control Center/MC7270 amp. Like new. This will be the main playback system. No digital inputs/outputs.
4. 2003 Anthem AVM 20 HT processor. Currently running my HT system. Has digital/optical connections but no HDMI. Difficult to relocate.

ADC Do I need to buy?
1. Computer upgraded sound card.
2. External component. Dedicated ADC.
3. Combination unit such as Lynx Hilo which has both ADC and DAC.

DAC I have bought.
1. Chord Electronics, Chordette Qute EX

1. Lenovo px4-300d. The manufacturer recommends Twonky for file management...comment?

As needed.

Other equipment

1. Program for ripping LP’s and CD’s. DbPowerAmp
2. Program for media management for NAS. Manufacturer is recommending Twonky (???)

The set-up, as I understand it:
Turntable --> preamp --> ADC/computer soundcard --> computer software to HD --> process recording into files w/#’s --> NAS w/ media software --> DAC --> preamp/amp

1. I have been told that the ADC in the computer sound card is good enough for recording, but that the DAC to convert the data stream back to analog is the most important piece of hardware.
2. What bit/kHz should LP’s be recorded at? I think I read that going too high can actually degrade the quality, but new DAC’s are up scaling to 32-bit/384kHz.
3. There is no advantage in recording CD’s any higher than 16-bit/44.1kHz. Correct?
4. I am told that it makes more of an improvement to have decent cables from the same manufacturer than very good cables from different manufacturers.
5. For the digital links, what is the best to worse connections (toslink, coaxial, USB, etc). Suggested brands for “good bang for the buck”.
6. I am told that FLAC was designed to copy CD's without loss. Does FLAC have any limitations in recording at higher bitrate and frequency for vinyl?

Thank you in advance for any help/advice you can offer!

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