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EJ's Avatar EJ 11:51 AM 02-02-2011
On laserdisc. Seems to be s good deal @$60. It was still sealed, and shows no sign of laser rot.

Back says..."This disc is manufactured in anamorphic squeezed format to be compatible with your new Toshiba 16:9 television. This disc is promotional, and not intended for resale."

I love collecting unusual formats. Since I can't afford MUSE, I'll have to settle for this.

jantje112's Avatar jantje112 01:43 PM 02-02-2011

Nice find! If you see another let me know! Have muse but never had a squeeze in my collection.. Such a shame
EJ's Avatar EJ 08:41 PM 02-02-2011
I see they usually go for $90-$200. At first, I thought I had been taken. The only part that identifies it, is that tiny paragraph written on the back. Here's a list of squeeze titles. It looks like only 3 titles were released in the US. I wonder how many were actually printed?


I found this on Wikipedia

With the release of 16:9 televisions in the mid 1990s, Pioneer and Toshiba decided that it was time to take advantage of this aspect ratio. Squeeze LDs are enhanced 16:9 ratio widescreen Laserdiscs. In the video transfer stage the movie is stored in an anamorphic format. The widescreen movie image was stretched to fill the entire video frame with less or none of the video resolution wasted to create letterbox bars. The advantage was a 33% greater vertical resolution compared to letterboxed widescreen Laserdisc. This same procedure was used for DVD. Unlike all DVD players, very few LD players had the ability to unsqueeze the image for 4:3 sets. If the discs were played on a 4:3 television the image would be distorted. Since very few people owned 16:9 displays, the marketability of these special discs was very limited.

There were no titles available in the US except for promotional purposes. Upon purchase of a Toshiba 16:9 television viewers had the option of selecting a number of Warner Brothers 16:9 films. Titles include Unforgiven, Grumpy Old Men, The Fugitive, and Free Willy. The Japanese lineup of titles was different. A series of releases under the banner "SQUEEZE LD" from Pioneer of mostly Carolco titles included Basic Instinct, Stargate, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Showgirls, Cutthroat Island, and Cliffhanger. Oddly enough Terminator 2 was released twice in Squeeze LD, the second release being THX certified and a notable improvement over the first.
EJ's Avatar EJ 09:50 PM 02-02-2011
I see that THX version of Terminator 2 is selling for between $250-$350!
Hunter's Avatar Hunter 06:28 AM 02-03-2011
Wikipedia is (mostly) correct. The video quality of second issue of 'Terminator 2," while THX certified, was indistinguishable from the first SQZ issue.

There are two Japanese test/promo discs that have some anamorphic content in them - one for DTS and one for Dolby Digital.

All of the "anamorphic" discs provided images that were noticeably improved in detail over their standard letterbox editions and are thus nice to have if you're a laserdisc fan.

"Free Willy" is the most difficult to find, since it was the least popular. I had to purchase a set of all four Toshiba discs to get it, even though I had the other three. Now that I write this I think I still have some duplicates! ha
randosel's Avatar randosel 10:29 AM 02-03-2011
I recall someone selling Fugitive for $30 a few years ago, they had 12 of them! I sold my unforgiven for $70, only paid $12 for free willy.
EJ's Avatar EJ 01:00 AM 02-09-2011
I remember around '95, DirecTv PPV showed an anamorphic showing of Apocalypse Now. I wonder how many ordered it, and if a home recording still exists? Considering the higher bit rate used back then, especially for PPV. I bet it looked pretty nice.
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