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Metallicats33's Avatar Metallicats33 11:05 PM 04-16-2013
I'm hoping someone could give me some direction with my player issue. The unit will not spin the disc at all. For either CD or LD, the tray will move into position and the Laser will move up and down but after that... nothing. I know it sees the disc because the corresponding light will illuminate. Is this a failed spindle motor or should I be looking for something else before condemning the motor as failed?

Thanks in advance,

Kurtis Bahr's Avatar Kurtis Bahr 05:30 PM 04-18-2013
As long as CD or LD is lit then you are correct, the pickup is detecting the disc. The issue is commonly the spindle motor but can be the power supply. If you have an oscilloscope you would see pulses on the two wires going to the spindle motor immediately after the pickup detects the disc. The spindle motor is much cheaper than a supply. I cannot help with the spindle motor DXA1639 or substitute VXA2109 as the Pioneer website states they are not available.
Metallicats33's Avatar Metallicats33 06:39 PM 04-18-2013
Thank you for the response Kurtis,
I do not own a oscilloscope, and after a quick search online I doubt I will anytime soon LOL. Would it be possible to apply direct power to the motor or use a low voltage led at the power supply for testing?

If it is the motor, do any other players use the same motor? Seeing as they are not available any more and this particular player is hard to come by.
Kurtis Bahr's Avatar Kurtis Bahr 05:21 PM 04-19-2013
The Pioneer website did not show this motor being used on any other players. The website has drop-downs that show all units the part is used in and the A100 is the only unit listed. It could just be a power plug difference I have not seen it so I have no idea. The two wires to the motor, 1 will have positive pulses to spin one direction and the other supplies negative pulses to spin the other. Try using a volt meter and look for AC and DC voltage measurements on the pins.
Metallicats33's Avatar Metallicats33 09:57 PM 04-19-2013
Thanks again,
I will check the supply with a volt meter.
Metallicats33's Avatar Metallicats33 01:00 AM 04-24-2013
Well, I'm still having trouble. I checked at the supply with a volt meter and saw power. I happened to find a complete drive on E-bay for my model the same night so I bought it. Got it today and plugged the new spindle motor into the power supply, put in a disc and pressed play... nothing. Since the drive was listed as is, I figured I'd apply direct power to the spindle motor using a 6v battery pack just to see what would happen. It spun. So the motor I got off E-bay works, and there is voltage at the supply when I press play, what else could it be?
Metallicats33's Avatar Metallicats33 02:09 PM 04-24-2013
Okay, I went trough everything again and noticed that both the pins at the power supply show the same voltage when play is pressed. If each wire directs the motor a certain direction then only one pin should supply power, correct?
Kurtis Bahr's Avatar Kurtis Bahr 02:59 PM 04-24-2013
You should not be seeing the same on both pins. If you are then that is a problem. You need a positive difference to spin one directions and negative for the other direction.

Have you tried the 6V directly to the motor in the player?
Metallicats33's Avatar Metallicats33 03:57 PM 04-24-2013
I have not tried direct power to the motor in the player yet. I will try when I get home. I guess I need to figure out why there is voltage on both pins, what decides which way the motor should spin?

I've been trying to reference these diagrams but my knowledge is limited.
Kurtis Bahr's Avatar Kurtis Bahr 04:25 PM 04-24-2013
Top of page three the, power supply, you can see the accelerate, brake, etc. These are the controls from the video board that create the SDPL M+/- signals on the power supply to send to the motor. You really pretty much need an oscilloscope to view these signals. as set motors use pulses to power, not a constant DC level. Also the motor outside the unit will not operate properly as the RPM sensor needs to feed back to the electronics how fast the motor is spinning.
Metallicats33's Avatar Metallicats33 05:03 PM 04-24-2013
But would the motor outside the player at least try to spin? Or should I install it and test.
Metallicats33's Avatar Metallicats33 09:30 PM 04-24-2013
Took it apart and inspected every board for signs of overheating, ballooning caps, cracks, etc. Inspected all connections and wires. Everything visually looked ok. Swapped out the motor and got the same results. I have a CLD-S201 with the same (known good) pick-up in it so I swapped that as well, same results. Thank you for your time on this Kurtis. Have you run into anything like this before? I know this player is a bit of an "oddball"
Kurtis Bahr's Avatar Kurtis Bahr 04:47 PM 04-25-2013
Usually the Power supply or spindle motor fix the issue. I once had a player with the issue on the controller servo board and we ended up scraping the player. What you want to do here depends on the value of the player to you.
Metallicats33's Avatar Metallicats33 11:44 AM 04-26-2013
Could it still be a PSU issue? I see the +/- signal passes through several resistors and capacitors. According to the service manual some of those caps are Electrolytic, don't those have a tendency to leak? Value wise, I'm only out the cost of the parts I got off of eBay so far. I'm willing to go as far as the value of a comparable replacement to get this fixed.
Kurtis Bahr's Avatar Kurtis Bahr 08:53 PM 04-26-2013
Not all capacitors are oil filled so they just go bad and no leakage to let you know. If you look at the caps on the power board and then go to digi-key and buy replacements then it will not cost much. Just get the smaller diameter/taller caps to fit.
Jimmy Choi's Avatar Jimmy Choi 07:21 AM 01-17-2014
Hi Metallicats33, Kurtis,

I got exactly same issue. Disc Not spin but the player is able to identify LD or CD. Lucky, I have some spare parts ( both motor and power board ), and I swap the motor/power board one by one.Eventually, the broken component indeed is power board. In my case, all the ic protector ( eg, ICP-N10,N15,N50 ) are all fine in the broken power board but yes, it is just Not able to spin the disc for some reasons.
After I replaced it the good power board, the machine works like a charm.

Jimmy Choi's Avatar Jimmy Choi 05:05 AM 01-26-2014
More Info on the broken power supply board. Found out the U25 thermal fuse is broken in position F102 (the position under the metal frame in the board). Replace it and the power board back to life! Disc is above to spin now.
Found a picture for U25 thermal fuse for your reference.
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