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I need some help from you guys, I'm trying to set up 10 DVD players to one monitor and have it act as if each channel is a DVD player. For example, lets say that each DVD player is showing a different TV show on Loop, I want to be able to switch from one DVD player to another (as if it was a Channel on TV) all from one monitor. How would one accomplish this?


I would great appreciate it and I don't have a budget for supplies.




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DVD is SD so your costs are much less than getting into HD(BD players as your source)  which would cost 10s of thousands of dollars. I'd think your best method would be a single channel RF modulator for each DVD player. Each one would take the line output of a single DVD player and convert it to a single cable channel, mix all the channels into a single RF cable and at the other end hook the cable to your various TVs. With the TVs tuner you could tune any of the DVD players buy going to it's channel.

I'm not sure of the price of a single channel RF modulator but I do see them occasionally very cheap at local pawn shops, I think they may be coming from small cable systems that do a similar thing for public access channels, they are all moving away from analog channels and moving onto digital so they basically give away their analog equipment. Maybe someone else has a good idea where to get them new but I think if you were ok with analog you might be able to find some good deals now that most people are moving onto digital.

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Interesting. Please tell us what you wind up doing. If it were me, I'd research an all digital solution unless you're going to use some analog infrastructure already in place. The server/player side would be somewhat simple to setup but the client side for each display would take some investigation. It's definitely doable, it just a matter of finding the right pieces and software. The latter depends on your skills and knowledge of computers, software, and even programming. And then there's always the budget. smile.gif Going all digital removes any constraints on the quality of the content, SD vs HD, as long as you have the network bandwidth between the server and the clients - which is not really an issue these days minus a few caveats.


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Are you dealing with just one monitor? If so, I might look into having the ten DVD players connected to one or more A/V switches and the use the A/V output from the (last) switch either feed the monitor or, if need be, go into an RF Modulator that feeds the monitor. I haven't found a 10-in/1-out switch, but I did find a 8-in/1-out A/V switch on Amazon.

As far as having each DVD player feeding a RF modulator that uses different frequencies, I came across this RF Modulator on, and it looks like you can have the A/V into the RF modulator generate a signal at one of a range of channels and also cascade them so, for example, by connecting the RF out of one modulator to the RF in of the next and set to modulate on a different frequency, you can wind up with several different channels, each one with the signal from its corresponding DVD player. However, I did not see any info on how many such RF Modulators can be cascaded together, or if there could be two or three shorter cascading chains that are merged together via a cable splitter or something similar.

Bear in mind that going through an RF Modulator usually means an SD signal (especially since it is starting with a composite video signal which is always SD) and likely only 4:3 (though if the original content was 16:9, if the SD is letterboxed for 4:3, the TV's zoom may get it to fit the screen, but with loss of resolution). I only looked at A/V modulators, not component modulators; if there are component modulators that allow more than NTSC channel 3 or 4, they might do a better job with 16:9 content.

If you are feeding a single TV or a single monitor, there might be a better solution than having ten DVD players and ten RF modulators running all the time, such as maybe mastering your own DVD with ten tracks and have each track automatically repeat itself (if you own the content and the total from all ten tracks isn't too big), or, again if you own the content, set up a PC to play the content and have a simple menu on the TV to pick which video file to play. (Those in the "Home Theater Computers" forum may be able to provide more information about this last option.)

I, for one, probably wouldn't want to have ten DVD players running non-stop feeding ten RF Modulators unless I was providing content for multiple monitors; it's too much energy and wear-and-tear for spinning ten discs just to have the signal from only one disc go to a display.

My very humble setup:
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I worked in a company which offers car dvd, and I know it's better to add one CD to monitor though the machine supports more
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