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tomas316's Avatar tomas316 06:29 PM 09-28-2002
I put a new drive in my hs2, 120gb, 7200rpm Wester Digital, and it works fine. It came up and asked if i wanted to format the drive. But it doesnt see any more drive space than with the 40gb maxtor. Shows about 9 hours in the XP record mode. I am going to fill that up and see if it will continue past the end.
Any ideas? Was this an issue with the tivo in the begining?

Doug O's Avatar Doug O 07:53 PM 09-29-2002
According to Japanese websites an upgrade to 80 Gig is possible but requires a firmware upgrade. Do a check on these forums and check the links...
tomas316's Avatar tomas316 11:00 PM 09-29-2002
Can you give me some of the links?
David Hwang's Avatar David Hwang 12:32 AM 09-30-2002
vferrari's Avatar vferrari 07:00 AM 09-30-2002
Also this very issue was covered in this thread and would have saved you the wasted effort (use of the search tool and keywords "HS2" and "Hard Drive" will bring up pertinent threads). Hopefully, they'll make the firmware update available in US.

tomas316's Avatar tomas316 10:28 AM 09-30-2002
I did do a search but the one thread i didnt wade through was the 200+ reply one... But i did find the same info once it was read. I have called some of the Panasonic service shops trying to find out some more info, but no info yet.
David Hwang's Avatar David Hwang 07:15 PM 09-30-2002

Is your 120GB HDD working without any problem? Can you read the
HDD on PC? Thanks!
tomas316's Avatar tomas316 09:05 AM 10-01-2002
The hard drive worked fine, only saw 40gb of the drive tho. I didnt get any more time out of it. Actually i got about 5 more minutes than on the original drive. Havent hooked it up to my pc yet.

I did get this from Panasence...
Dear sir

Thank you for your letter which you inquired about the upgrade of
DMR-HS2 from us in US.

We are sorry that our store only ships this DMR-HS2 in Japan,
and this products are not being sold in other countries.
We do not want to disappoint you, however, please understand this.

Thanks for your understanding.

Sincerely yours

PanaSense Customer Center
vferrari's Avatar vferrari 09:54 AM 10-01-2002
Pretty ironic they call them selves PanaSense, since the reply is nonsense. Good luck getting them to even understand the whole Luma Bug issue. Sheesh.


David Hwang's Avatar David Hwang 10:19 AM 10-01-2002

Just forget the upgrade. It costs more than 40,000 Yen!
In other words, you pay the additional 40GB for 300 US
dollars. That is too expensive!

Let me know the result when you hook the HDD to your
PC. Thanks!
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