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I was so close in purchasing a Panasonic e30 a few months back, however, I learned about the panny hs2 coming out with a built in hard drive and easy editing capablities. And then on the horizon the toshiba rd-x2 with a built in 80gb. I felt that the dvd-r/ram combo was the ultimate flexible combo. But now that we've learned about the short comings of both of the units (hs2 luma or black bug) (toshiba's lack of firewire, and both machines conversion losses between hard drive and dvd-r).

I sometimes feel that there is a conspiracy here with Panasonic and Toshiba. Think about it: Panasonic HS2 comes w/ firewire and the RD-x2 does not, but RD-X1 did. Panasonic has the luma bug, toshiba may not. Toshiba uses a panny 311 dvd drive but doesn't let you record directly to dvd-r, but the HS2 will. Panasonic has many desireable features that toshiba lacks. Panasonic makes money off the Toshibas because Toshiba uses their drive. Either way, pansonic wins. Conspiracy-hmmm ?

I think I will go with Pioneer DVR-77H (if it ever makes it to the US)
According to my research, Pioneer has always had a great picture. I've heard of people who had both the e20 and 7000 and swore that the 7000 provided a superior picture. The 7000 was a dream come true but it only recorded two hours on to dvd-r and lacked a hard drive.

Well, the new Pioneer DVR-77H has a 80gb hard drive, firewire IN & OUT and has the ability to record up to 6 hours on both dvd-r and dvd-rw. Hopefully, you can record dvd-r on to hd and back to dvd-r. $X record from HD to dvd-r!! I'm sure it has the excellent picture quality as the previous pioneer models. Pioneer and Panasonic have been duking it out with each other in the dvd recorder market, but I feel we may have found a clearer winner here with the Pioneer DVR-77H. Hopefully they won't jerk us around like the other companies, and if this means switching to dvd-rw instead of dvd ram, so be it! It appears as though the Pionner is indeed looking to get back its share

Anyone have an ETA on this recorder and possible suggestions on the street price?

Here's a link:

For those of us who are lazy, here you go:

Pioneer DVR-77H

Built in 80GB HDD for up to 102 hours of recording time and time shifting
4x copying from HDD to 4x DVD-R and 2x copying to 2x DVD-RW
Minidisc style Non-linear editing erase/combine/undo etc (DVD-RW VR Mode & HDD Only)
Plays pre-recorded DVD's & CD's
10-bit / 54 MHz video DAC, combined with a high quality 192kHz / 24bit audio DAC
Uses the Lsi " VQE7 " from the DV-747A for playback
TBC (Time Base Corrector) LSI for efficient jitter-free, high quality recording
VR mode support 'Disc Timer Recording' This allows time settings to be stored on the disc
Records on DVD-RW & DVD-R Video Blank Media
Can make discs that will play in most existing DVD players (Requires Video mode and finalization)
Firewire (i-link) DV input/output for connection to a camera or PC (To output to a PC the recordings must have been your own)
NICAM PAL TV Tuner built in with Videoplus+ & PDC with one month / 8 event timer
Uses the single layer 4.7GB DVD-RW (ReWritable) System
Records in real-time using MPEGII compression-Up to 6 hours per DVD-RW disc
Quick recording function automatically finds the blank part of the disc
Variable Data rate and variable resolution settings
2 Channel Dolby Digital Encoding
Disc navigation thumbnail chapter view
Store timer settings on individual discs
SR control terminal
Component video output with progressive scan
VBR recording on all recording video mode and VR
Audio record level

Specifications for the Pioneer DVR77H

Recording times DVD-R & DVD-RW for Video mode and VR mode Video recording mode
(Aprrox) Bitrate HDD DVD-R/RW (one side)
FINE 10Mbps 17 hour 1 hour
SP 5Mbps 34 hour 2 hour
LP 2.5Mbps 68 hour 4 hour
EP 1.7Mbps 102 hour 6 hour
MN 1.7-10Mbps N/A 60 to 360 min. (4.7GB)

Number of program records Program record (internal) 8 programs / 1 month
Program Record (per disc )8 programs / 1 month
Video Sampling Frequency 13.5MHz
Video Compression Format MPEG 2
Audio Sampling Frequency 48kHz
Audio Compression Format Dolby Digital 2 ch
Clock Quartz lock (24-hour digital display)
Power off memory (Clock, timer rec etc..) 48 hours
Power source voltage AC230V 50 / 60Hz
Power consumption 55W (<1w in standby)
External size Width 420mm
Height 95.5mm
Depth 360 mm
Weight 6.4kg
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I don't know about the release date. But I've learned from buying computer hardware that there is always something better right around the corner. If you are willing to wait, these HD/DVD recorders will start to proliferate and the prices will come down. Thus is the nature of the business. That's the end of my insight :) .
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I read here:

that next year Sony will be making a player with DVD+rw capability. How will that change things?
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The 77H sounds pretty good. However, I've grown used to the time slip feature of DVD-RAM (I don't think DVD-RW can do this). Wonder why Pioneer hasn't consdered incorporating a similar feature with this hard drive based recorder, or have they? Also, Pioneer = $$$$ vs. the similarly featured Panasonics. Any word on an MSRP?

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You can check the info at the Pioneer Japan website:

Looks pretty expensive for what you get though...

Also, even the UK site doesn't say if the box is capable of controlling external cable boxes or satellite TV receivers. That is the one feature I know we all need over here...

Doug O
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There will always be something better around the corner. Just join the fun now and upgrade later. It is worth it.

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Here's another link

And for the lazy ones:

Pioneer chooses the LSI Logic DVXcel codec for its next-generation DVD recorders
Second-generation of LSI Logic codec-based Pioneer DVD recorders
Market-proven LSI Logic DVxcel provides MPEG encoding and DV encoding/decoding to interface with digital camcorders


MILPITAS, Calif., Sept. 30, 2002 –LSI Logic Corporation today announced that Pioneer Corporation, a worldwide leader in the emerging DVD recorder market, has once again chosen the LSI Logic DVxcel™ MPEG-2 CODEC as a key component for its most advanced consumer recordable products. Having previously used DVxcel in its DVR-7000 DVD-R/RW recorder, Pioneer continues to leverage advanced LSI Logic DVD technology for its first dual-drive DVD recorder, the DVR-77H, and its fourth-generation single drive DVD recorder, the DVR-55.

Combining a DVD recorder with a digital video recorder (DVR), Pioneer’s DVR-77H gives consumers a new level of flexibility by allowing them to record, store and edit video on hard disk drive and then later transfer those files to DVD-R or DVD-RW drive for personal distribution. With this advanced model, Pioneer has also reduced consumer concerns about format compatibility by adding support for DVD-Video on DVD-R, which offers an increased level of backward compatibility with the current installed base of DVD players.

“LSI Logic understands that consumers expect a high-quality entertainment experience,†said Hiroshi Otsubo, general manager of DVD-RW Engineering Department, Pioneer Home Entertainment Company. “Since DVxcel is based on the professional-level DVx architecture, using it in our consumer DVD recorders provides a superior level of quality and flexibility to our customers. The DVxcel MPEG encoding and DV codec capabilities have helped us create an impressive array of features in our new dual-drive device.â€

“Pioneer is well-known for its superior design and innovation with consumers seeking to maximize their DVD experience, and we are delighted they have chosen the LSI Logic DVxcel for their latest DVD recorder product,†said Timothy Vehling, senior director of marketing, Home Media Products Division, LSI Logic. “Consumers are capturing, editing, archiving and sharing digital video content in increasingly growing numbers, making the LSI Logic DVxcel’s support for DV recording, playback and DV to MPEG transcoding an essential feature.â€

About the DVxcel
DVxcel is a high-quality single-chip digital video processing solution ideal for consumer digital recordable products and is well positioned to serve all DVD recorder models in all segments of the market. Features include:

Real-time MPEG-2@ MLMP video and system encode and decode
DV25 encode, decode, and DV25-to-MPEG-2 transcode
Simultaneous encode and decode of MPEG-2 video streams with audio synchronization
Single-pass, variable bit rate (VBR) and constant bit rate (CBR) encoding
Multiple, programmable horizontal resolutions
On-chip program stream multiplexing of compressed or uncompressed audio
On-chip DVD-VR Real-time Read/Write (RTRW) system level formatting
About Pioneer's dual-drive DVD recorder
Main features of the DVR-77H and DVR-55 include:

Timeshifting: Ability to pause a live TV program
Easy digital archiving from digital camcorders via the included i.LINK (IEEE 1394) interface
Support for recording onto both DVD-RW and DVD-R discs in DVD-Video and for recording onto DVD-RW in DVD-VR (video recording) format
Up to 6 hours of record time with 32 adjustable resolution levels
Single-pass Variable Bit Rate (VBR) MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 encoding
“Best-Rate Recording†for checking recording time and available disc space and automatically calculating the optimum recording rate and level
Easy video editing on the disc
Playback of commercial DVD movie titles
About LSI Logic Corporation
LSI Logic Corporation (NYSE: LSI) is a leading designer and manufacturer of communications, consumer and storage semiconductors for applications that access, interconnect and store data, voice and video. In addition, the company supplies storage network solutions for the enterprise. LSI Logic is headquartered at 1621 Barber Lane, Milpitas, CA 95035,
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