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Professor Gascan's Avatar Professor Gascan 06:59 AM 02-09-2005
Perhaps an indication that change is about to come: the 975 has been removed from the website. So far there is no replacement for it shown.

kdog044's Avatar kdog044 07:43 AM 02-09-2005
Originally posted by Professor Gascan
Perhaps an indication that change is about to come: the 975 has been removed from the website. So far there is no replacement for it shown.
I think not. it is still available from all major online stores and SonyStyle web site.:) It was reported a few weeks ago that it isn't available in Canada anymore.
KeysZ's Avatar KeysZ 08:55 AM 02-09-2005
Strange news to report. After everything I've been through with Sony, "we cannot fix or replace, we're sending your money back,Can't tell you what's wrong,no call backs" etc, guess what showed up from UPS this morning? Yep, what appears to be my 975 from the repair center. I did not write down the serial #, but I can say that the case has definately been opened. So either this is my unit, or one they have been into, done something, and sent to me.It does have my repair # on the unit and all the documents.(I sent everything to them).The invoice is dated 2/8 so they had to have overnighted it to me. I am here in the fridged north so I will have to wait awhile for it to warm up before playing, but I will post some results when I can. Strange:rolleyes:
liberatusvirus's Avatar liberatusvirus 10:08 AM 02-09-2005
Well, they certainly seem to be running a tight ship down there. I wonder whether they are simply so inundated with 975s that mistakes are inevitable. Candor would be to their credit at this point, though I won't hold my breath.

KeysZ's Avatar KeysZ 10:40 PM 02-09-2005
So far everything seems to work fine. I have not had a chance to look at things with DVE. I will when I get time. Did anyone find a way to access firmware versions for this unit? Did a quick search here and came up with nothing. I would be happy to experiment if anyone has any requests. To those waiting for the welcome message and such tricks to avoid a problem, please be aware that the last time mine went bad I was watching a DVD for 45 minutes, took it out, then spent a couple minutes finding a new one to put it in.The problem of not playing the disc happened at this time. Not trying to be a negative, just passing along what happened to me.
jon_we4's Avatar jon_we4 07:18 AM 02-10-2005
Just sent mine in, Laredo should have it monday.
Jon S's Avatar Jon S 12:36 PM 02-11-2005
Heads up... I understand that Sony has a firmware update for the 975. Unfortunately, I do not know what the firmware fixes.
smitchell24's Avatar smitchell24 12:43 PM 02-11-2005
How would one obtain the firmware fix for the 975? Any weblinks or contacts?
drjeckl's Avatar drjeckl 01:16 PM 02-11-2005
As of right now, Sony's support web site says:

"There are no software updates or drivers currently available for this selection."
NismoZ's Avatar NismoZ 01:35 PM 02-11-2005
Firmware Fix? What problems doesn it need to address? I only know of one, the off center widscreen. Any other issues it might fix?

Post up if you guys come across the link for the firmware.
Jon S's Avatar Jon S 03:13 PM 02-11-2005
The firmware is NOT available online, can only be done thru Sony directly. I do not know what the firmware fixes.
NismoZ's Avatar NismoZ 03:29 PM 02-11-2005
Has anyone loaded the firmware? When was it released? How does on go about getting it?

Sorry if these questions have been answered before.
kdog044's Avatar kdog044 04:01 PM 02-11-2005
If it's true about the firmware let's hope it addresses the SD colorspace on the HDMI connection (fingers crossed).
KeysZ's Avatar KeysZ 04:01 PM 02-11-2005
Been through my returned unit pretty extensively now and it appears everything is working fine mechanically. The picture being off center is still there,and green depression over HDMI is still there,bummer. I did some tests with my Hit 50v500(LCD RPTV) HDMI->DVI on Video1 and component on Video2 at the same time . I have resolution set to 720p over HDMI and had the player set to 480i over component,and could not notice a difference in picture quality at all with Shark Tales playing. Don't get me wrong,The picture quality, in my opinion,is great. I am just really suprised that my TV seems to be doing just as good of job deinterlacing and upconverting as the Sony player. In some of the tests in DVE I actually noticed better picture with 480i over component.When looking at the color bars with gray background at 480i the outer edges and area where each color meets is clean and defined, at 720p the edges are fuzzy and almost blurry. Am I doing something wrong in my tests? My set will tell what input signal it is getting and says that it is getting a 480i when I am on Vid2 and 720p on Vid1 any comments?
liberatusvirus's Avatar liberatusvirus 10:38 PM 02-11-2005
Information from "the faulkner," who appears to be a Sony dealer, at Agoraquest: "Firmware upgrade... to ver. 1.900. Service centers/exchange depots should have the discs to upgrade the firmware." Apparently, the new firmware addresses at least the tray lock issue.

KeysZ's Avatar KeysZ 10:50 PM 02-11-2005
I was a little premature in my judgement of PQ between 480i and 720p. After watching "Braveheart" tonight, there were areas that the 720p definately cleaned up the movie PQ wise. Has anyone found out how to access the firmware version?
Mtnmike's Avatar Mtnmike 12:50 AM 02-12-2005
Had my 975V going on three months and it operates perfectly. The PQ is fantastic. If there is a firmware available it will only be to authorized repair centers and is not something released to the general public.
cmartyn's Avatar cmartyn 11:49 PM 02-12-2005
Well, this is not news I see. Mine just blew up a half hour ago. I have had it less than three months (just) and have played about 20 DVD's on it. I was using the front panel controls to eject one DVD and insert another. After inserting it I hit play on the remote and nada.. Oh well, I got the disc out by unplugging it and plugging it back in. I guess its off to Texas.
NismoZ's Avatar NismoZ 12:09 AM 02-13-2005
Man, I hope that mine doesn't do that. I;ve had mine for about 3 months aswell... Knock on wood.

Where are you guys sending your units? Are they fixing them or giving you a refund? Do they pay shipping and whatnot being a silent recall?
cmartyn's Avatar cmartyn 12:24 AM 02-13-2005
Im paying shipping to them, They will pay shipping back. This is a great price performer IMHO.. and if you want HDMI.. The only thing Sony makes lol. I dunno. I figure these POS DVD players are all only good for a couple of years anyhow. Like cheap VCR's
electrotrace's Avatar electrotrace 07:18 AM 02-14-2005
Mine died this weekend, good news is it's still under full warranty with just two days to spare. Unit refuses to play a DVD. I have used it about twenty five times with no problems before this. I had to unplug it and wait a few minutes before I could power it up to get my DVD out. tried several other disks same result. Off to Laredo for repair.
oregonstitch's Avatar oregonstitch 04:46 PM 02-14-2005
11th day in Laredo and it's heading back via United Parcel. KeysZ, did Sony put anything in the box about paying for re-ship if- god forbid- it busts again? I am much heartened to hear yours is working again.
Jon S's Avatar Jon S 07:07 PM 02-14-2005
Good news... Firmware update 1.90 is designed specifically for the "tray locked" issue and that's it. Took my unit in and had it upgraded. My original firmware was 1.61 (so I was told). They inserted a CD and it auto-updated, takes about five minutes. They then had to go into some service menu to reinitialize the unit. They said they did a few units and it fixed the problem.

I will post later if there any noticeable differences...
KeysZ's Avatar KeysZ 08:18 PM 02-14-2005
oregonstitch, nothing in the box except for the invoice that said "constant data input/output" it does say to retain the invoice for warranty puposes at the bottom though,other than that no details of what was done. I do know for sure they were in the unit though,positive traces of that. I had the problem with the discs no longer reading rather than the "tray locked" display problem.Looks like a firmware update has been released for that. Wish Sony would let me know what version I have. Maybe I will call them and see if it was updated. I have now run a few DVD's, CD's and SACD's through it and so far so good:)
KeysZ's Avatar KeysZ 08:26 PM 02-14-2005
Jon S that is good news,I'm sure it will ease alot of peoples minds knowing that fix is out there. If you get a chance and can check the green depression issue I'm sure many would appreciate it. I can say mine came back without that particular issue fixed. My greens are still fine over 480i/p but bad over 720p
NismoZ's Avatar NismoZ 09:16 PM 02-14-2005
So we can't get ahold of this firmware? We can't take it anywhere to have it flashed as a preventative maint thing?

What and Where is this Laredo thing you guys are talking about? Is it a Service Shop or City?
tblankenship's Avatar tblankenship 09:24 PM 02-14-2005
Laredo, TX is the Sony repair center.
Jon S's Avatar Jon S 10:41 PM 02-14-2005
It does not appear that the fix does anything to the green depression. It does appear the unit is a bit more responsive with the remote control.
drjeckl's Avatar drjeckl 07:50 AM 02-15-2005
So how does one get this fix applied? Do we walk into a Sony Service center and ask for it? I would rather be proactive and get it done before the tray locks up on me. Gee, all they would have to do is post the upgrade on their support site, we burn a CD and insert into the player! Isn't that what the Internet is all about?

Jon S's Avatar Jon S 08:58 AM 02-15-2005
I think the issue for Sony is that you have to get into the service menu to reinitialize the unit after the upgrade. They definitely do not want users messing with the player settings in the service menu.
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