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cluelesspa's Avatar cluelesspa 06:22 PM 12-22-2005
Originally Posted by Pion
I called toshiba and the tech support there said there was no such reset code. They said my unit was broken and offered a replacement... :(
did you ask for the DVD tech support group. or were you talking to level one support? anyway ask them how you display the firmware version using the remote and the SETUP menu. you want to access via the menu section where you set up the widescreen or standard ratio.
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DIGITAL~DAN's Avatar DIGITAL~DAN 03:34 PM 01-01-2006
I just bought a toshiba sd-v592 off of ubid for $79.00. when i receive this player if it allready has the firmware upgrade installed, will it still upconvert unprotected dvds to 480p,720p,and 1080i through the component ? or do I need to go over to videohelp and get the hack?
Nonnie's Avatar Nonnie 06:41 AM 01-02-2006
There is no hack to upconvert over component, only a region free hack. The link on Videohelp is no longer active, see previous posts in this thread for an alternative hack for LG machines that will work. New firmware does not address any of this.

I have two v592's, one upconverts over component the other works only over HDMI as intended. The one that upconverts over component is a fluke of a machine, something is wrong with the copy protection circuit. It works great, but I doubt you will find another like it.
DIGITAL~DAN's Avatar DIGITAL~DAN 07:39 AM 01-02-2006
THANKS FOR THE REPLY!!!!!.My tv has a dvi input and I was planning on using it, Does the new firmware address the issues that it had previousley with the HDMI input?, Also will it upconvert comerical as well as backup copies to 480p,720p,and 1080i through the HDMI input? Also does the HDMI to DVI cables work ok?I have a samsung hd931 that works fine but wanted to have a toshiba sd-v592 because it is a combo unit and it matches my tv which is a toshiba 57HDX82.thanks again for your input...........DIGITAL~DAN
DIGITAL~DAN's Avatar DIGITAL~DAN 06:10 PM 01-02-2006
Can anyone answer my questions in the previous post?.......thanks.......DIGITAL~DAN
SteveEast's Avatar SteveEast 08:59 PM 01-02-2006
I can tell you it will certainly upconvert commercial DVDs over HDMI.

I've used an HDMI=>DVI cable with it - no problem.

I can't address your question about HDMI issues - never had them.

DIGITAL~DAN's Avatar DIGITAL~DAN 05:19 PM 01-03-2006
Hey everyone I just wanted to pass along that ubid has the toshiba sd-v592 refurburshed units for $79.00.I bought one of these units and its works great.It will upconvert through the component on unprotected dvd to 720p and 1080i.It will also upconvert regular dvds through the hdmi jack to 480p,720p,and 1080i.I have mine hooked up with a hdmi-dvi conversion cable at it work flawlessely......get these while they last!!!!!! I am sure they wont last long!!!!!!!!!they are only letting you bid one unit at a is the link if you need it................................DIGITAL~DAN

here is the link to all of the things this unit will do
DIGITAL~DAN's Avatar DIGITAL~DAN 09:13 PM 01-08-2006
Does anyone know if there are any known hacks that will allow the toshiba sd-v592 to upconvert protected dvds through the component jacks. I now this works fine with the hdmi jack but was looking for a hack to allow it to work with component video jacks................thanks in advance.......DIGITAL~DAN
mooney's Avatar mooney 06:46 AM 01-09-2006
Digi Dan

Thanks for the link to ubid. I bought my 2nd unit from them.
Pfarrer2006's Avatar Pfarrer2006 04:46 PM 01-13-2006
Does anyone know the key codes to access the firmware info through the SD-V592 remote? Some seemed to have knowledge of this, but the instructions were never posted. In Canada I am not able to use the 800 number for support. Please help! Thanks.
mooney's Avatar mooney 09:23 AM 01-14-2006
I called the 800 # and was told the codes to check the firmware is (using the remote)
ZOOM, 606, ZOOM.

I have not tried it yet...let us know if it works.

Update: Doesn't work will try again tomorrow. Using component cables as HDMI will not work (no picture) with HDMI cable and HDMI/DVI-M1 adapter to IF 4805.
cluelesspa's Avatar cluelesspa 07:07 PM 01-14-2006
There is another method that I had to use. i did not write it down so do not remember but it was accessed from the Aspect Ratio setup screen of the SetUp Menu
timevacuum's Avatar timevacuum 02:01 AM 02-16-2006
Does anyone have the key combo down for checking firmware version on the v592? Maybe even just part of it and we can piece the parts together?


Throw us a bone here!!? :)
jeff e.'s Avatar jeff e. 10:27 AM 02-27-2006
I'm having an odd problem with my SD-V592, which I recently purchased from an eBay seller. It is a refurbished unit.

I am using the HDMI output and it is feeding my Panasonic CT-30WC15. Every once in a while, the HDMI connection will just cut out and the screen will go black. I then have to push the HDMI button on the front panel to turn it back on.

Has anyone else had this problem? I don't know if there is something wrong with the unit or if there is some kind of weird compatibility issue with the Panny. Unfortunately, Toshiba's customer service department could not help.
Nonnie's Avatar Nonnie 09:41 AM 03-03-2006
Try applying the firmware update if you haven't already and see if that helps.

If you need a copy you can download it from here:
hawkeye3.1's Avatar hawkeye3.1 07:07 PM 03-04-2006
Originally Posted by timevacuum
Does anyone have the key combo down for checking firmware version on the v592? Maybe even just part of it and we can piece the parts together?
I've been wondering the same thing lately as I have put this player back in action recently. Tried the ZOOM XXX ZOOM sequences referenced for this and other Tosh DVDs with no success. Then I came across an ascertion, in this thread I believe, that the DVD in this unit is made by LG. I think actually that after initially putting there own DVD drive/controller in the V592, somewhere along the line they went outsource to LG. Which could explain some of the differences in behavior observed in different V592 units and why some owners can check firmware rev. with the ZOOM....sequence.

Anyway I went looking through a thread on one of the LG players, it happened to have the F/W check, I tried it and it works on my V592.

Here it is - Go through the setup menu and highlight TV Aspect Ratio 16:9, key-in 1 3 9 7 1 3 9 ENTER. In a second the SYSTEM INFORMATION screen appears.

Not sure what it all means, but the fields that changed after installing the F/W upgrade are:

MAIN VER. - E131 to E138
SUB VER. - 0002 to 0005
SERVO VER. - 1412 to 1414
MICOM VER. - V1.3122 to VI.DEO_SFT2

FYI, I received the upgrade disk from Toshiba this week it had the same Part # as posted previously in this thread. Also when you access the SYSTEM INFORMATION screen, it resets the unit to factory defaults, so you will have to restore any custom settings you have now. This alone had the welcomed side effect of restoring the audio to my HDMI connection, which I had lost somehow.

FWIW, the feedback received from the player during the upgrade was quite different from what the provided instructions indicated. Leading me to believe the disk contains F/W for both the Tosh and LG H/W.

Immediate post upgrade observations....the black level of the player seemed to change as I had to recalibrate Brightness on the sets HDMI input. Also as mentioned earlier horizontal position went from major left shift to minor right shift.
samjc's Avatar samjc 11:48 AM 03-13-2006
Originally Posted by hawkeye3.1
....Here it is - Go through the setup menu and highlight TV Aspect Ratio 16:9, key-in 1 3 9 7 1 3 9 ENTER. In a second the SYSTEM INFORMATION screen appears....
I had also applied the firmware upgrade and was having the region issue. Followed instructions above and it worked like a charm. Thanks for posting the sequence!!!
hawkeye3.1's Avatar hawkeye3.1 08:14 PM 03-14-2006
Originally Posted by samjc
Thanks for posting the sequence!!!
No problem, glad I could help.
djearl81's Avatar djearl81 10:21 PM 03-25-2006
Hey everyone...long time no talk...

I was wondering if anyone had a list of Non-copy protected DVDs? I'm wondering what DVDs are able to be upconverted via component.

I searched Google and Yahoo with no luck.

- Any suggestions?
cluelesspa's Avatar cluelesspa 07:11 PM 04-08-2006
Well just came back to post the sequence but I see you beat me to it. After the firm ware upgrade if you do that sequence 1-3-9-7-1-3-9-(Enter button) while in the 16:9 choice.

the bottom says firmware rebooted or something like that.

well I too just had the HDMI no longer turning on ! looks like when I switched TVs it must have fried the HDMI board somehow. but it will change resolutions but no luck on the HDMI enable button. not worth shipping back. going into my 1080p JVC at 480p and letting the TV upscale for now.

waiting until this HD DVD vs Blue Ray DVD gets settled and then upgrade to that DVD Player.
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