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emery011's Avatar emery011
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01-12-2007 | Posts: 46
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Just wanted to put a plug in for Oppo. I was an idiot and loaded the wrong firmware on the dvd which made the player useless. I called Oppo and they shipped it both ways and fixed it for free. I have never done business with a company like Oppo!! Thanks very much.
EocThermos's Avatar EocThermos
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01-12-2007 | Posts: 154
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Wow- very impressive, never heard of a company anywhere that will pay to fix the customer's mistake.

I was also very impressed when I read that they would be return shipping if I chose to return the unit (I still would have had to pay one way, but still- many companies charge shipping + a restocking fee, so I was very impressed that they would even pay it one way).

Although after using it, I have no reason to return it
jcavner's Avatar jcavner
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01-12-2007 | Posts: 362
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That is impressive! I will definitely keep them in mind for my next DVD player purchase!
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