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Originally Posted by SoNic67 View Post

From what I can tell, the devices with HDMI and component connections do not pass the CC signals as required. Also, the TV sets sold today are not capable to capture the CC signals via component HDMI.
Am I wrong?

You're correct except for component connections, which vary according to the TV manufacturer. Some TV manufacturers run the signal from the component inputs through a caption decoder but others do not. In my opinion, those TV manufacturers who don't decode captions via the component inputs could be held to be in violation of the Television Circuitry Decoder Act. Sending out captions via component cables is complicated. My understanding is that the closed caption data can't be transmitted intact through the component cables if there's progressive scanning turned on from the source (as opposed to interlaced). If you have a DVD player that can be set to transmit the video signal with component cables without upconverting the signal, then you may be able to view the closed captions if your TV is also designed to decode captions via the component inputs. This would be the best way to view the video of the DVD. Perhaps the TV manufacturers could be held in violation of the Television Circuitry Decoder Act for using an HDMI standard that doesn't include the capability to decode captions. The HDMI coalition that developed the HDMI standard never incorporated this capability because they didn't think that they had to, and I don't think that anyone has filed a complaint about this issue with the FCC. In my view, the failure of HDMI cables to transmit caption data has resulted in huge problems, like the inability to view closed captions on DVDs at the highest resolution possible. It has also meant being subjected to extremely poor design of captioning from set top boxes, which often can't be controlled using the remote control, which then meant not being able to view certain visual information that was covered up by the captions. I think that someone who finds that his or her TV doesn't decode captions via the component input would have good cause to file a complaint with the FCC, but it would be a good idea to confer with an organization like the National Association of the Deaf (www.nad.org) or the Hearing Loss Association of America (www.hearingloss.org), and I'd be interested in weighing in on this as well since I'm probably more versed in the technological issues and the history than they are. (The above is my personal opinion, not legal advice. I'm not a lawyer.) Dana
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Thank you to all contributors on this forum/topic/thread as well as other related threads !!!

Lot of very good information - lots of good points made.

I've tried to study all this and synthesize it with respect to making a purchase for my wife, who is hearing impaired.

I just wanted to make sure I am drawing the correct conclusions before I purchase a Panasonic DMREZ28.

Based on what I have read here and a review of the DMREZ28 manual are the following assumptions about this particular DVR correct:

1) If there is closed caption info on a regular commercially available DVD, it will de-code and overlay this info on top of an upconverted video signal and output it on the HDMI and/or component video outputs.

This is the main reason we would be getting this unit. This is the most important question for us.

2) This unit has a HD tuner and will output a received OTA HD signal through through the HDMI or component outputs at the received resolution, including any closed captions.

3) That for recording purposes this unit converts any HD signal to SD and if captions are present it will record them. It is not entirely clear to me what happens on playback....

The answer to these two questions is less important.

Any any all replies are welcome and we thank you all in advance !
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As for the coplexity fo passing the CC signlas via HDMI - the implementation of HDCP for HDMI is way more complicated and was no problem to implement. Or cost issues. When the money where involved, it was implementad a quick fix, when it is about hearing impaired and respecting the law, nobody cared. FCC closed the eyes on this issue, basicaly saying that the hearing impaired people do not need to watch HiDef movies... Nobody should have filled a complained, it was their job to aprove the sale of certain devices on the market.
Approving HDCP was not their mandate, they are not paid with public money to protect private interests...

It is nice that Panasonic provided a fix for that, but that's not the point.
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I can verify that the Panasonic DMR-EZ485V does CC decoding over HDMI.

Costco sells the Panasonic DMR-EZ485V for $200, that price includes $60 in instant rebate and good until end of this month.
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Many computer DVD playback programs, including Windows Media, will decode captions and display them on the computer screen. I don't know why it's so hard to include a similar feature in a regular DVD player that will display them on the TV screen as part of the video signal.
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It requires a secondary processor. Such a processor will degrade the ability of another processor to be able to do de-interlacing and scaling. Most hardware designs will also not support muxing subtitles/closed captioning after video processing (PS3 is the only exception I know of).
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Originally Posted by Sam Ontario View Post

So which upconverting DVD player or which HDDVD player or which BRDVD player can display cc via HDMI? Thanks.

Edit: Sorry link from #11 maybe a good source! I have no expeience though with any from the site.

Hi, just joined. and just bought a vizio hd tv, 39". And the sony dvd player (blue ray) BPD-S185/BX18. No CC for dvds. only subtitles when they exist. The tv has CC for tv and AV component hookup, not for HDMI. The resolution with component is not hi def. Fortunately, it's from the big box store with the 90 day return policy. I may look for an upgraded dvd player that would offer CC, but apparently it's not out there.
My thinking is that carrying the tv from my car, climbing 39 stairs, setting it up, going online for manuals, finally finding sites such as this one, make me feel like going to small claims after compensation. The ADA is a law that says every tv sold in america after 1993 must offer CC.
It seems that the store that takes your money for hi def should make it clear that if you want the captions you don't get the hi def. Most people, it seems, are not aware, or are intimidated, or find it inconvenient to deal with this. Me too. But it seems like a worthy action to call the sellers on the carpet. thanks.
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It's a lot of work if you are not already doing it, but CC can be recovered when converting DVD to MKV media file format.

HandBrake will discover and convert CC to text-based SRT subtitle tracks. They are selectable just like any other track and you can have multiple tracks.

Quite a few devices will play MKV files.

There are probably other tool combinations that will do the same job, but HandBrake is all I have used.

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