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05-24-2009 | Posts: 43
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As soon as my new PN58B650 arrives I will move my current 50" to the bedroom. I got a new Blu Ray player with Netflix streaming capability, and have signed up for the trial version. Picture quality isn't HD or anything to rave about, but it sure is nice to have the the broad selection for immediate viewing.

I'm now wondering, if I'm a Neflix subscriber, can I have (2) of the streaming capable Players for viewing on each of my TVs? Sure I could split the output of the one player and run to both tvs, then use a repeated to control the player from my bedroom (I'm pretty sure the remote is IR not UHF). But it would be much easier to run an ethernet connection to the bedroom and just by the 2nd player.

But I'm wondering whether Netflix would try to force me to buy a 2nd subscription for the 2nd player? I would be obvios that both were connection via the same IP address, but it wouldn't shoch me that they try to squeeze the extra money out of the customer.

Anyone know the answer to this one? TIA
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05-24-2009 | Posts: 4,074
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I recall that you could have 3 devices per subscription. I think I even remember someone talking about having multiple streams of different movies going to more than one device at the same time....
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05-25-2009 | Posts: 115
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You can authorize up to six devices on an account. The number of simultaneous sessions depends on your subscription level. Here are the details from Netflix FAQ:

Can I watch movies instantly on more than one PC or Netflix ready device?

Some membership plans allow you to watch simultaneously on more than one personal computer or Netflix ready device at the same time (for example, watching a movie on your laptop while another family member watches on a TV via a Netflix ready device in another room ).

1-disc plans may watch on one device at a time, 2-disc plans on up to two devices at the same time, 3-disc plans on up to three devices, and plans with four or more discs on up to four devices simultaneously.

In addition, due to requirements from content providers, there's a limit to the number of unique devices each account can use to watch instantly. Each Netflix account may watch instantly on up to six unique authorized devices, including personal computers and Netflix ready devices.
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05-27-2009 | Posts: 43
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Thanks for your feedback.
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05-31-2009 | Posts: 1,743
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I wonder then when I watch via PlayOn on my PS3 does the PS3 count as a second device or is that "included" as part of my PC device since the software runs through it and is wholly dependant on it.
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06-07-2009 | Posts: 1
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Another question that's related to this Thread: Can you run 2 ROKU device in separate internet locations?
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06-11-2009 | Posts: 339
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I don't know about separate Roku units, but I can watch a streaming video on my Roku and also watch a streaming video on my computer on my 28" HD monitor. I have Netflix 1 dvd at a time and I am able to get a new dvd on a Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, so I've got no complaints.
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06-12-2009 | Posts: 2,047
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Originally Posted by chewie57 View Post

Another question that's related to this Thread: Can you run 2 ROKU device in separate internet locations?

Separate locations at the same residence ? Yes.
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