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Originally Posted by michaeltscott View Post
I've been a Prime subscriber since the beginning (for the shipping, which is what it's about), long before they added the perqs (video, music, Kindle Owner's Lending Library, etc) and would still subscribe if they took all of that away. I would not subscribe if all I cared about was the video.

How'd we get into a discussion about Bosch in a Netflix thread?
If you run across a thread or decide to start one called : Amazon Prime Video : Gems & Finds .. be sure and let me know, I'll subscribe, it might beef up my usage ..

My feelings on Prime are the same .. I buy a lot from Amazon and have for many years .. the video part is nice, but I don't use it much, I tried a couple different Kindles in the past and decided I preferred real books made of real paper ..

Uncle Willie

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Originally Posted by mgkdragn View Post
If you run across a thread or decide to start one called : Amazon Prime Video : Gems & Finds .. be sure and let me know, I'll subscribe, it might beef up my usage ..

If I recall correctly someone did create one which no one used.

Wrapped in [spoiler] tags to protect the uninterested:


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thanks to whoever posted Housebound. Finally got to watch it and enjoyed it immensely. Correctly described as more dark comedy than horror, I loved the off-kilter story line and little twists. Just watched Hollidaysburg which is a very, very funny coming of age film set in Pittsburgh. We're talking sex, romance, friendship, quirky families, partying, pumpkin pie-making and more as former classmates head down the inevitable path to adulthood. Well-played stuff.

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Seems that when Amazon had that one day special on Prime I should have signed up because right after that I wound up ordering a few things worth it that I couldn't find locally. And the stuff that came was held back two days but with the Prime sticker so I wouldn't get Prime service for the regular price.

I was watching the "Dig" series via Hulu+ and they made episode 4 only available as a locked episode you could view if you have a TV provider. Hulu folks are enraged and threatening to drop their subscriptions. It's not like they are going to go "oh gee, I'll call my cable company and sign back up again." Unbelievable cluelessness on TV execs part. But we have as much regard for them as they have for the viewing public.

They also did this with Syfy's "Helix" and "12 Monkeys." Now to relate this back to Netflix it may mean that Netflix will have these one month (the usual TV VOD window) after the season completes. This happened to Syfy's "Z Nation" and season one of "Helix" (which I bought on Amazon and could have waited for on Netflix). One needs to be shrewd about these things nowadays.
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Originally Posted by mailiang View Post
I have no issues with the acting being a former thespian myself, however, I agree last season had it's short comings, but this year, so far, has been a lot better. Black Sails is like a new car model, wait until the next production year, after they get the bugs out of it.


Yeah, I guess I didn't really mean acting. Just a general sense that something was missing from the show.
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Oddball Gems

I skimmed the last few pages to see if any of these were posted, but these are some odd ball movies that I came across while sick:

Knights of Badassdom: Ryan Kwanten (True Blood), Peter Dinklage, Summer Glau and a list of known faces. This is a great B grade Fantasy/Horror movie. When authors say, "the movie doesn't take itself seriously", this is what they have in mind. It is fun, light hearted without any bad after taste. The basic story of good friends, bad girlfriends and larping gone wrong. The actors clearly enjoy themselves in this movie and I imagine making movies like this is how they have fun in their downtime.

A Dark Truth: Forest Whitaker, Andy Garcia, Kim Coates. This movie is a bit preachy about the evils of corporations. It also has a Steven Segal era movie feel to it, however it still manages to be engaging and a bit thought provoking. The action is good, with excellent pacing after the initial back story. The first 20 minutes of the movie could have been seriously edited down, nonetheless a solid movie.

Interview with a Hitman: This movie has such a bad sound director, I hesitate to put on an AVS list, but it is a good movie. First, the sound... from the music track, which sounds like it was recorded in someone's noisy apartment by a 12 year old, to the actual mixing which blew the music tracks over the top, among many other sins, I would have to nominate this movie for one of the worst audio directors in modern cinema. Towards the end of the movie, the sound gets so bad, I muted it. This movie should be shown in film schools about how to not mix tracks. That aside, the plot and filming of the movie are excellent. It has a legitimate surprise ending that is expertly foreshadowed without giving the viewer too many clues how it will end. This isn't an action movie, so much as a fictional documentary of how this hitman came to be. It traces his life from childhood to present without filtering or trying glorify his actions. You are left with the impression that while his early childhood contributed to his career, he is a sociopath and would have ended up similarly even without his early childhood trials. Towards the end, his life is juxtaposed against that of his childhood friends, emphasizing this point. Besides the audio, I have nothing bad to say. It has a Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Gun Barrels ambiance, but is not a humorous movie. The violence is not gratuitous, considering the theme, but might be disturbing for some people.
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Just a suggestion. It would be helpful if members would include the link when recommending a title. Thanks.


The best way to succeed in life is to act on the advice you give to others

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