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medspeaking's Avatar medspeaking 06:21 AM 12-29-2010
Currently using a Sony 570 blu-ray player to stream netflix wirelessly to a television one room over from the N router. I'm using Cox cable. During the day, streaming of movies, series shows, anything, just couldn't be better. During the night, however, it's pretty much unwatchable. Occasionally, we can get 5 minutes into a show before it stops and buffers. We're then able to watch maybe a minute before it stops and buffers again.

No point in pointing fingers at Cox, which may or may not have overloaded nodes at night, or even the Sony player, which may or may not have less-then-perfect wireless. A wired solution is not viable for me.

Since I already have the N router (D-Link 655), my question is what other things could I try to improve the nightly signal. Would a powerline adapter improve the situation (and, if so, which one)? Are there settings I should be making to the router which might improve the constant buffering situation at night? Appreciate any not-too-technical insight/advice.

travisd's Avatar travisd 06:30 AM 12-29-2010
It's unlikely that your wifi performance would change significantly based on time of day, especially using "N". While there are cases of cordless phones and microwave ovens interfering with WiFi (esp 2.4GHz based nets), performance is usually consistent.

What you're seeing pretty much points to peak-use congestion between Cox and Netflix and/or their CDN's, or to general congestion within their network. It really sounds like it's a case of everyone else trying to do the same thing at the same time.

I haven't played with it enough to know yet, but will Netflix buffer while paused? If it will, then perhaps starting the show, pausing it, give it some time to build up a significant buffer then watch would work. If they only stream and can't build up more buffer though, than you're probably out of luck. Register your displease with Cox and hopefully they'll address the issue.
dfiler's Avatar dfiler 07:16 AM 12-29-2010
I suggest running a temporary ethernet cable to determine, for sure, if wifi is the problem.
zzdocxx's Avatar zzdocxx 12:36 AM 01-09-2011
What speed of downloading do you have from Cox?

Where I live (San Diego) it is offered by Cox in

at differing prices of course.
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