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bgooch's Avatar bgooch 07:48 AM 09-14-2011
Chris Davies, Sep 14th 2011

Netgear is taking on Apple TV, Roku and others with its new NeoTV streaming player, a compact set-top box packing integrated WiFi b/g/n and capable of funneling 1080p Full HD content to your TV. Billed as a straightforward way of making your dumb TV smart, when the $79.99 streamer goes on sale later this month it will offer over 100 internet channels including Netflix, Vudu HD, YouTube, Pandora and Vimeo, as well as social networks like Facebook and Twitter.


rdb4133's Avatar rdb4133 10:48 AM 09-14-2011
Any info on if it supports local/network media playback?
mproper's Avatar mproper 11:37 AM 09-14-2011
Wonder if it'll be getting the Netflix 1080p/5.1 streams as well. And appears to be missing Hulu+ and Amazon.

Combining Netflix and Vudu is a win though, but appears the search for the elusive "all-in-one" streaming box will continue.
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