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I have the following Netflix devices, and the reasons why I dislike them -


Xbox 360 - the new Netflix app is terrible, plus I hate how the remote goes to sleep, and I read it doesn't do 1080p ?

Sony BDP-S185 - its just too slow to navigate the UI, no CC support


So now I just want a Netflix device, with emphasis on speed, UI and quality. Is Roku XD the best option? Is it's Android remote app useful?

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Many newer devices have the same 'enhanced' interface. If you look at reviews of many newer devices, it's probably the same. I think the Roku is still semi-unique? Some of the older Sony's had the basic 'grid' interface, newer ones have the enhanced interface.

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You can view some of the various Netflix UIs here. http://www.techofthehub.com/netflix-ui-gallery

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Both of my TVs have Netflix and a Blue Ray but I have Rokus hooked up to both. Interface isn't perfect but I like it the best. There is a another interface that you can download from Roku that has a nice search engine but you have to go back to Netflix to actually view shows.
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How much are you willing to spend to have "the best" UI? The PS3 and Sony 790 are some of the fastest I've seen, but the Sony 390/590 is good enough for me and is much, much better than old UI on the 185.
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I'm partial to the AppleTV2. Even though the Panasonic BDT-210 blu-ray player is not bad but I mostly use the ATV2.
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Originally Posted by Westly-C View Post

You can view some of the various Netflix UIs here. http://www.techofthehub.com/netflix-ui-gallery

Wow. How did you find that site? I looked on Google like crazy to find out the GUI of devices but could not find crap as usual Google is better at giving you crap results. Never mind found it on Google on the second page but only when I searched for "Netflix Devices User Interface" otherwise got stupid tech sites about iPhone this Android that.

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I wish that Sony would list the time on their display so you don't have to hit the display button to see where you are in the movie. That shouldn't be a very difficult piece of code to add unless their player code is a mess (many different programmers no comments). I think Netflix player apps are up to the manufacturer and they probably provide the decode code. Looks like Sony has about the same NF interface on all their devices. OTOH, I know that Samsung said that Amazon creates the player apps for the manufacturers. And probably VUDU too.
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