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amesdp's Avatar amesdp 12:00 PM 05-16-2013
Panasonic released their new DMP-MST60 media player just a few weeks ago. They had a sale on it yesterday ($60), so I ordered one even though there are no reviews yet except for a couple of rather negative comments on Amazon. I'm going to give it as a gift to someone else, but I'll try to give a quick test and post a few more comments when it comes in (currently I use my Samsumg and Toshiba Blu-Ray players as media streamers, and I'm reasonably satisfied with them).

Supposedly the main features are:

- Full range of Panasonic Viera Connect apps (including Netflix, Hulu Plus, CinemaNow, Vudu, Amazon VOD, YouTube etc.) plus online access to their app store for add-ons
- Built-in web browser
- Built-in WiFi (as well as ethernet)
- 3D playback support, including 2D-to-3D conversion
- DLNA support
- direct access to network shared drives
- local playback from USB drive, including NTFS support
- Miracast support for devices that have WiFi Direct (e.g., recent Android 4.2 or higher phones and tablets, but not Apple devices unfortunately)
- includes an HDMI cable (it had better, since that's the only AV connection)

On the negative side, the early comments say that the user interface is sluggish, and the file format support is limited (no AVI, for example).

A few glaring omissions on the connectors: there is no audio output other than HDMI. You can forget about connecting this player to an AV receiver via optical or coax digital audio or analog audio. Also no analog video output of any kind.

There is also a cheaper companion model, the DMP-MS10, which is apparently identical except for some artificial firmware restrictions to justify a lower price. There's one common user manual for both models. As far as I can tell from the specs, the difference is that the cheaper model is missing the 3D support and has access only to a more limited number of the Viera Cast apps.

It's too new to know if there will he any helpful firmware updates in future. Some other Panasonic devices support remote control via Android or iOS app, but the DMP-MST60 apparently does not (at least, not yet).

Update: I still haven't had a chance to hook it up and test it, but a few more observations:
- It's smaller than it looks in photos, as is the box it comes in
- The box contents are the unit itself, the remote and batteries, short HDMI cable, and manual
- The remote has a dedicated Netflix button

michaeltscott's Avatar michaeltscott 01:40 PM 05-16-2013
Originally Posted by amesdp View Post

- includes an HDMI cable (it had better, since that's the only AV connection).

HDMI is Roku 3's only A/V connection and it doesn't include a cable. It's a relatively rare thing that they should be lauded for, particularly since the cost of providing that cable takes a chunk out of their profits.

Interesting product (the page for it at Panasonic's site is here). I believe that it's Panasonic's first streaming STB. Good luck with it.

Strange that the online description of the product has a section displaying a grid of Viera Connect apps which doesn't include Netflix, Amazon or VUDU; it does include Hulu Plus, Pandora, MLB TV and others. It's the same info displayed on the page for the BDT330, which I'm sure has those apps, so I think it's just a strange omission; maybe some trademark thing.
amesdp's Avatar amesdp 03:26 PM 05-16-2013
The Netflix support page here says that it supports 1080p and 5.1 surround sound audio.
michaeltscott's Avatar michaeltscott 03:55 PM 05-16-2013
Originally Posted by amesdp View Post

The Netflix support page here says that it supports 1080p and 5.1 surround sound audio.

Yeah--like I said, I'm fairly sure that Netflix, Amazon and VUDU players will be available on the device.

It'll be interesting to see if Netflix 3D will be supported. Are you going to use it on a 3D TV and is your ISP set up to access Netflix's Open Connect CDN (you can check that here)?
amesdp's Avatar amesdp 08:15 PM 05-16-2013
My ISP does support Netflix Open Connect, but there are only a few devices listed by Netflix that support 3D so far (e.g., LG 3D TVs), and this Panasonic player isn't one of them. Perhaps soon...
michaeltscott's Avatar michaeltscott 08:20 PM 05-16-2013
Originally Posted by amesdp View Post

My ISP does support Netflix Open Connect, but there are only a few devices listed by Netflix that support 3D so far (e.g., LG 3D TVs), and this Panasonic player isn't one of them. Perhaps soon...

The Sony BDP-S5100 is Netflix 3D capable; it's been out for months and it's not in the list on Netflix's support site. They don't always keep such lists up to date. It doesn't matter anyway unless and until your ISP signs up for Open Connect access.
mailiang's Avatar mailiang 09:01 AM 05-17-2013
I'm wondering if this new streamer will continue to get updates like my Roku. My Panasonic BD DMP 85 player's firmware only received updates for about 2 years, which is why I went with another streaming device for my 2010 smart-less Panny PDP.

zoro's Avatar zoro 10:41 PM 05-26-2013
any review yet? Damian?
amesdp's Avatar amesdp 08:24 PM 06-14-2013
Ok, I finally had a chance to test it. The short version is that it's an ok value for the money as long as your video/audio setup can work with the single HDMI output.

Update: The WiFi section of mine failed after 2 weeks and it had to go back to Panasonic for replacement. Early reports on the reliability don't seem to be good, which is disappointing for Panasonic.

The box is very small and light, and the top cover seems a bit loose and creaky, which doesn't give it a feeling of high quality. But it's not like you're going to be handling it much.

To get started you just hook up the power supply and HDMI cable, turn it on, and go through the initial setup process.

First impression: The menu and background color scheme is simply horrible. Fine white or black text on a light grey menu background? What were they thinking? It's hard to read anything. The default backdrop looks like somebody threw up on the screen in technicolor, and the other 3 choices aren't much better. Fortunately you can substitute your own photo if you want. Menu layout is ok, but response is generally sluggish, and it doesn't help that the interaction model is inconsistent: sometimes you need to cursor to an item and then click - other times just cursoring onto the item activates it. Some items "ding" when you activate them, others make no sound and delay a moment before anything happens. Some of the pop-up keyboards are QWERTY, others are alphabetical order, others are numeric keypad. A few screens have information cut off at the edges by the slight overscan on my Panasonic plasma TV. I guess their human interface guy was sick the day they were designing this.

Video files can be played from a local USB drive in FAT or NTFS format. It does better than I expected with video file formats and codecs. It will play mp4 and mkv files using the H.264 codec, mpeg-2 files, and avi/xvid files. It can play VOB files, but it doesn't recognize DVD folder structure on a disk. I did run into a few audio and video codecs that it didn't handle among my avi and mkv files, such as divx. It has the ability to select audio tracks and subtitles within a file. I verified that it can select alternate audio tracks in an mp4 file, but I didn't challenge it with any files containing complex features. It has some trouble with non-standard aspect ratios, usually stretching any video to fill the screen, and no aspect ratio control is provided.

It does quite well displaying jpeg photos from a camera SD card connected with a USB adapter. Large hi-res photos show up almost instantly, and it properly orients the photos using the internal camera orientation tag. It even plays HD MOV movie files from my Canon camera - but unfortunately with no sound.

DLNA streaming worked fine from a Windows 7 PC or from my NAS, at least for the server-supported file types. I was also able to connect to network shared folders hosted by the Windows 7 PC and my NAS. It takes too many menu steps to reconnect to a folder you use regularly each time you want to use it though.

It insisted on a firmware update before it would allow me to access any internet apps, but after the update I was able to test internet video streaming, initially with YouTube. That seemed to work fine over a WiFi connection. I didn't encounter any WiFi streaming problems in my subsequent tests (until the hardware failed). My WiFi-N router is several rooms away, so the wireless reception seems to be pretty good.

Netflix also worked fine, once I got it going. The first 20 times I tried, it told me that it couldn't connect to Netflix, or it exited with a cryptic error. I double checked that Netflix was working fine on my other devices, I tried a wired ethernet connection, even though Youtube was working fine over wireless. I played with the connection settings. Eventually on the 21st attempt it connected and I was able to enter my account settings. It requires you to enter username/password for Netflix rather than using the device authorization code scheme.

Hulu Plus also seems to work fine. As with other devices, only the paid Plus service is supported, no basic Hulu free streaming.

You can download more free apps from the Panasonic Market, once you get connected and set up an account (it told me that it couldn't connect to the Market the first several times I tried). The account setup screens are a bit exasperating, especially with unreliable key entry and hidden password fields (and no, they provide no way to set it up from your computer instead), but at least you only have to do it once. The Panasonic Market has many of the common apps found in other Smart TV app stores, but by no means all. In addition to the major video streaming apps mentioned above, they also have Amazon VOD and Vudu (U.S. only of course). They have CinemaNow, Viewster and the WSJ financial news channel, but no Crackle, and no BBC News, for example. In this North America version of the product you can specify the country for the app store as U.S. or Canada to get slightly different apps, although of course you'll need a VPN or U.S. DNS setup to access U.S.-only services if you are in Canada. Verified that the major U.S.-only apps do work with the most popular commercial U.S. DNS services from Canada.

I took a quick look at the advertised web browser, which appears to be an add-on Viera Connect app rather than a custom built-in browser. As expected, it's not very useful: painfully slow to operate, crashes or freezes with any kind of complex content, and the edges of the browser window are slightly cut off.

A few other comments:

- There's an On/Standby button on the back, but it's unclear what purpose it serves. The unit can't be used without the remote control, so there would seem to be little point in having a button to turn it on.

- I see that the Viera Connect Skype app is available, although I had no way to test it without a compatible USB camera. This $35 Logitech model might work according to user reviews: (originally for Google TV, now heavily discounted, but apparently identical to Logitech's official Panasonic-compatible model)

Overall, if it hadn't broken fairly quickly, I think I would have been happy enough with it for routine use like watching Netflix or computer video files after getting through the initial setup and getting accustomed to the eye-straining menus.
CFRTim's Avatar CFRTim 05:44 AM 01-21-2014
These units have been going on sale for $49 in Canada. A very good buy at this price. I can confirm Miracast doesn't work on Nexus 5, not sure if it's a phone issue or this box, but looks like some update should fix that. However, works fine on Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 2nd gen. I know OP had some issues with the WiFi on his unit, mine works fine. Having dual band is a bonus. I can easily connect to my network drives, and can stream wireless from movies from one end of the house to another.
hindy's Avatar hindy 12:03 PM 01-25-2014

Hi All I am in need of some assistance with this unit. I have a 3TB HDD which I cant connect directly because the max size is 2TB, I tried and its not recognised :(. I have the 3TB connected directly to my wireless router but cant find any way of accessing it from the media player. Could anyone help me out with this one please. Thanks

amesdp's Avatar amesdp 12:57 PM 01-29-2014
If you can see it as a shared network folder from your Windows computer, then you should be able to open it from the DMP-MST60 as a shared network folder. Have you tried this? It's in the manual under Network Drive Connection, or in the device menu under Remote Device Settings. I've only tried it with the 2 Tbyte drive on my NAS, so I don't know if it's also limited to that max size in some way.
CFRTim's Avatar CFRTim 06:58 AM 01-30-2014
Originally Posted by hindy View Post

Hi All I am in need of some assistance with this unit. I have a 3TB HDD which I cant connect directly because the max size is 2TB, I tried and its not recognised frown.gif. I have the 3TB connected directly to my wireless router but cant find any way of accessing it from the media player. Could anyone help me out with this one please. Thanks
First, you'll have to enable network drives from the player settings. Then access Network drives, not DLNA, input the IP address of the drive, usually, and if it's connected to a computer you'll have to input User name, password and drive letter
Kuma77's Avatar Kuma77 11:35 AM 05-30-2014
I bought it last week and very regreat this purchase. It's too lagged compared to the Roku2.
John Stockton's Avatar John Stockton 07:08 PM 08-29-2014
Does anyone know how I can program the remote to control my samsung tv instead of the default panasonic??
John Stockton's Avatar John Stockton 04:32 AM 11-14-2014
Until recently, when I used Netflix there was always a SUPERHD icon in the film description. Now I have noticed that it has changed to simply HD. Does this mean I have lost the ability access the SUPERHD picture ?? Has anyone else encountered this problem??
amesdp's Avatar amesdp 06:57 AM 11-17-2014
I think Netflix says it all about SuperHD here:
Johnnie D 10:03 AM 04-29-2015
Help! I'm using the browser to view an online scoring webpage for a golf event, and I can't disable the screensaver. in the general settings, under Display, I can turn off (what it calls) the screensaver, which I did and restarted the unit, but no luck. In the browser options, I don't see any option regarding the screensaver. I called Panasonic and they talked me through a few things, but unsuccessful. Anyone have an idea? Thanks,
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