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CINERAMAX's Avatar CINERAMAX 08:46 AM 04-03-2009
Dolby showed behind closed doors a new less expensive 3u high integrated Dolby show server for DCI content, it does away with the front on screen display. Which means you will need a vga display separate to ingest and manage the playlists.

This is great news because for a small multiplex or a single room previously you needed a dss-100 and a dsp 100.
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Dbuudo07's Avatar Dbuudo07 08:53 AM 04-03-2009
Hi Pete. Thanks for the info. Do you have any specs for it? Will we be able to use it for blu ray, hd DVD, DVD, etc...?
CINERAMAX's Avatar CINERAMAX 09:01 AM 04-03-2009
Hi Dbu.

Maybe it will play Blue Ray but this is for Digital Cinema.
Dbuudo07's Avatar Dbuudo07 09:05 AM 04-03-2009
Gotcha. I'm actually wondering, how hard is it to get your hands on digital cinema movies? Is it easier to get older titles or are all difficult to get unless you know someone in the business?
CINERAMAX's Avatar CINERAMAX 09:07 AM 04-03-2009
It's who you know.
Dbuudo07's Avatar Dbuudo07 11:11 AM 04-03-2009
I gotta make some new friends
CINERAMAX's Avatar CINERAMAX 09:42 PM 04-03-2009
I'll keep me eye open for some potential friends for you...
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