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CINERAMAX's Avatar CINERAMAX 03:57 AM 11-27-2010
I am not done with the racks there is a fifth one under the platform.

CINERAMAX's Avatar CINERAMAX 07:08 PM 11-28-2010

CINERAMAX's Avatar CINERAMAX 08:16 PM 11-28-2010

JapanDave's Avatar JapanDave 06:16 AM 01-07-2011
Any updates?
CINERAMAX's Avatar CINERAMAX 09:41 PM 01-09-2011
Yes. Very very soon....

Reddig's Avatar Reddig 04:06 PM 01-10-2011
Originally Posted by CINERAMAX View Post

Yes. Very very soon....

Sweet the 2D to 3D converter that you got to demo a while back! Man this build has got me totally drooling! You're style and design is some of the best ive seen that's for sure. Can't wait for updates!
Andreas's Avatar Andreas 06:08 AM 01-11-2011

I don't know Peter....the projector's box is quite big and low hanging, will this endager surround sound imaging at all ? I guess not enough space for an "outside" the room installation....
CINERAMAX's Avatar CINERAMAX 08:16 AM 01-11-2011
Marc Cote from SH acoustics has ok'd the hush box (the rear horns will be as far apart as possible), it had to be that size in orderto have 4k, and infinite contrast. There is a freezer behind this room.

Infinite contrast is the DCI projector implementation of the "sister contrast-ratio technology" in Barco's world record simulation 10,000,000:1.

A 6 foot person can walk underneath....
Andreas's Avatar Andreas 12:45 PM 01-11-2011
The drawings have changed over the last pages. The last drawing showed the box rather aggressively near or above the heads of the rear listeners, almost masking the rear speakers to the opposite rear seats. But if approved I shut up.

Is that 21 inch driver similar to the QSC 21 incher SB 15121 (driver looks almost the same) ?

picture of drivers:
CINERAMAX's Avatar CINERAMAX 02:05 PM 01-11-2011
Paul Hales the owner of PHC was the person responsible for launching the entire QSC Speaker and cinema electronics line, the cabinets are made in a likewise facility in North Carolina where the American Furniture Market resides...

You could say there are some similarities across some of the products, for the really big horns though the use TAD cinema horns...
CINERAMAX's Avatar CINERAMAX 02:10 PM 01-11-2011
I am studying, actually building a proto of this chair including and ipad surface table, a swing open access to the Teranex processor control, heADPHONE AMPS FOR THE smyth SURROUND headphones, D-Box intensity control, and dual rceline and leg support mechanisms.

Depicted here are thick outside arms and skinny mid arm, we will try opposite, the center arm has the ipad visible at all times.

Andreas's Avatar Andreas 02:26 PM 01-11-2011
Thx for the clarification Peter, also found the 21 driver I was looking for, that they us on the B&S homepage....unfortunately T+S parameters imply the need for big enclosures and bass ports
CINERAMAX's Avatar CINERAMAX 01:42 PM 01-14-2011

CINERAMAX's Avatar CINERAMAX 07:07 PM 01-15-2011
The day cineramax proved what everyone said could not be done.


The setup took a little time to put tohether, there will be less gear in the SKOLL setup.

Samsung LED shows some ghosting, this will/cannot happen with our superkontrast rig, also the samsung is not liking 23.976 or whtever, it's a 24 box so every 23.976 seconds the right shutter will stick a little extra and the left shutter will do the same, this is to be expected when the entire chain is 23.976 (or whatever).

An extremely fatigue free image, you have to moderate intensity and depth on live action, but you can crank it up to the max with anime. What an experience.

Lucas and Cameron are making such a big hoopla about the 2d to 3d conversion complexities, from my position it kinda looks like a way for them to pad the budgets and put themselves another Bil in their pockets, this machine pretty much has shown here today that it can be a highly automated process. Of course they can add some in your face cgi's to the prints but I doubt very much the need to dimenzionalize on a frame by frame basis.

I will be so bold and say that the only time that Post Production Intervention is needed in these conversions is when there is a 2D object like a painting a billboard or a 2dtv in the scene, there in those rectangles and only there the two signals have to be made mono to create the illusion of reality otherwise it looks like Harry Potter, but our eyes are so hard up for 3D that having paintings and photographs inside movie sets portraying 3-D IS A HECK OF A SMALL PRIZE TO PAY for the incredible primal illusion . Long Live 3-D!!!!

CINERAMAX's Avatar CINERAMAX 07:09 PM 01-15-2011
Miyazaki and Mission To Mars in 3-D.

Reddig's Avatar Reddig 09:24 AM 01-17-2011
Very nice Peter!
CINERAMAX's Avatar CINERAMAX 11:26 AM 01-17-2011

I HAD A DREAM where our brains were no longer limited by the spoon-fed incomplete and total partial information that 2-D video IS. Little did I know that my dream would come true TODAY.

Prepare your minds for a new scale of scientific values, gentlemen...

THE VEREDICT: 2-D is soooo dead it is not even funny!

These 2-D images of 3-D content are here as exhibits to attest to the most incredible discovery of my entire career, I had a dream and it all materialized in a few swift hours of the most intense emotional roller coaster (that was better that having sex with two-strike that -THREE gorgeous women).

Flash Gordon 3-D effect 9.5 out of 10



Beautiful LIFELIKE FLAMES-not fake like AVATAR!!!

CINERAMAX's Avatar CINERAMAX 11:40 AM 01-17-2011

The Imax shots of Dark Night 3D effect 10 out of 10


Inception 3D effect 8 out of 10
DaveUpton's Avatar DaveUpton 11:57 AM 01-17-2011
Peter, is this 3D conversion done using the "new technology" you posted about a few weeks ago?
CINERAMAX's Avatar CINERAMAX 11:59 AM 01-17-2011
Thunderball 3D presentation 8.5 out of 10

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 3-D presentation 8.5 out of 10.
Except this scene which shows incredible 3-D processing of a very complex signal:


CINERAMAX's Avatar CINERAMAX 12:05 PM 01-17-2011
I mean could you create a more complex scene? With a rotating subject in the middle????


KING KONG sucker is mostly a 10!!

CINERAMAX's Avatar CINERAMAX 12:14 PM 01-17-2011

This one gets the 3D OSCAR 11 on a scale of 10!!!

GI Joe 3D effect 9 to 9.5 on a scale of 10!!


taker's Avatar taker 12:25 PM 01-17-2011
OK peter I went to Teranex web sit and saw the are using 2 VC100 that is awsome .. what ballpark in it
CINERAMAX's Avatar CINERAMAX 12:27 PM 01-17-2011

What a ride !!!... Home Cinema will never ever be the same, I am humbled that destiny has volunteered yours truly to be the instrument of progress in this important human evolution step.

Of course these are pictures of a samsung, if Barco where to hurry up with the delivery of the P-series this thing needs to get developed further, for example there are multiple ypbr to rgb conversions due to the mutliple processor boxes involved, we will be comissioning a special hdsdi Kaleidescape to eliminate all conversions....

In addition we have D-Box going as well, plus studio quality 130 decibel horn based sound, I truly feel like the wright brothers today.

CINERAMAX's Avatar CINERAMAX 12:35 PM 01-17-2011
Originally Posted by taker View Post
OK peter I went to Teranex web sit and saw the are using 2 VC100 that is awsome .. what ballpark in it
Greg Hi,

There are dual realta processors in this box, one processor per eye, the algorithms for 3-D conversion are a peace dividend from the Ronald Reagan Spy Satellite buildup, this thing probably cost 20 Bil.... Martin Lockheed developed it.

A simplified explanation omitting certain proprietary edid interfaces:
The the Kaleidescape feeds hdmi 1.3 1080p 23.98 into the surround DATASAT AP-20 processor where 7.1 is extracted lpcm then the HDMI output goes to DOREMI ghx-10 which converts hdmi to single hdsdi 1080p 23.98, that feeds the teranex which then creates both channels, the dual 1080p 23.98 hdsdi outputs separate left right eye signals then get fed into the Doremi Dimension 3-D via dual hdsdi which in turn 3d format converts to Frame Packed Blu-ray format, that is what is fed to the Samsung (which appears to be a 1080p 24 set and not a true 23.98 set, this is causing a shutter delay every 12 seconds on one eye or the other. In additon due to the slowness of the LED extinsion and the polarizing filtering of the samsung there is some ghosting, this never happens on the SUPERKONTRAST becuase both signals are never on at the same time like this.

The important thing is that the TERANEX 3-D processing has taken everything I have thrown at it, I started gently with ANIME, and ladies what a trip 3-D ANIME is, but last night when I felt comfortable I started playing my favorite LIVE ACTION films, it was a total "oooh!" "aah", "what the..."," hoooly sh_t"," Incredible !!!" 5 hours this morning.
CINERAMAX's Avatar CINERAMAX 01:00 PM 01-17-2011
Originally Posted by DaveUpton View Post
Peter, is this 3D conversion done using the "new technology" you posted about a few weeks ago?
Absolutely,NEW DEVICE but to clarify it is a new application of old spy satellite technology in a dual engine realta processor with this custom application.

The movies are fed from the KALEIDESCAPE server in our development system (with Dual Blu-ray Disc Vaults):



Lead Actor



The 7th Voyage of Sinbad Action G Kerwin Mathews Nathan Juran 1958 88 mins
The 25th Anniversary Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Concerts Music NR-R Crosby, Stills & Nash Joel Gallen 2009 330 mins
2001: A Space Odyssey Sci-Fi G Keir Dullea Stanley Kubrick 1968 148 mins
2008-2009 Taipei 101 Fireworks Special Interest NR-G 2008
A.I.: Artificial Intelligence Sci-Fi PG-13 Haley Joel Osment Steven Spielberg 2001 143 mins
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen Fantasy PG John Neville Terry Gilliam 1989 127 mins
Alatriste Drama NR-R Viggo Mortensen AgustÃ*n DÃ*az Yanes 2006 145 mins
Alien Resurrection Sci-Fi R Sigourney Weaver Jean-Pierre Jeunet 1997 109 mins
Aliens Action R Sigourney Weaver James Cameron 1986 154 mins
The Animatrix Television PG-13 Peter Chung 2003 100 mins
Apocalypse Now War R Marlon Brando Francis Ford Coppola 1979 153 mins
Atlantis NR-R
Bach: Sarabande / Beethoven: Violin Concerto in D major, Op. 61 Classical NR-G Anne-Sophie Mutter Seiji Ozawa 2008 122 mins
Back to the Future Adventure PG Michael J. Fox Robert Zemeckis 1985 116 mins
Barfly NR-R
Battle of the Bulge Action NR-R Henry Fonda Ken Annakin 1965 169 mins
Beauty and the Beast Animated G Paige O'Hara Gary Trousdale 1991 90 mins
The Bobo NR-R Peter Sellers Robert Parrish 1967 102 mins
A Bridge Too Far Action PG Dirk Bogarde Richard Attenborough 1977 176 mins
Capricorn One Sci-Fi PG Elliott Gould Peter Hyams 1977 123 mins
Casiopea vs The Square: The Live!! Music NR-R Casiopea 2003 165 mins
Casiopea: 5 Stars Live Music NR-R Casiopea 2005 130 mins
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Family G Dick Van Dyke Ken Hughes 1968 145 mins
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Adventure PG Ben Barnes Andrew Adamson 2008 149 mins
Clash of the Titans Fantasy PG Harry Hamlin Desmond Davis 1981 118 mins
Clash of the Titans Fantasy PG-13 Sam Worthington Louis Leterrier 2010 106 mins
Contact Sci-Fi PG Jodie Foster Robert Zemeckis 1997 150 mins
The CTI All-Star Band: Montreux Jazz Festival 2009 Music NR-R The CTI All-Star Band 2009 82 mins
The Dam Busters NR-R
Dances with Wolves Western PG-13 Kevin Costner Kevin Costner 1990 181 mins
The Day the Earth Stood Still Sci-Fi G Michael Rennie Robert Wise 1951 92 mins
Der Omega Mann Sci-Fi PG Charlton Heston Boris Sagal 1971 98 mins
Der Schatz im Silbersee Western NR-R Lex Barker Harald Reinl 1962 106 mins
Der Schatz von Caboblanco Adventure R Charles Bronson J. Lee Thompson 1980 87 mins
Dune Sci-Fi PG-13 Kyle MacLachlan David Lynch 1984 137 mins
Dvorak: Symphony No. 9 / Mozart: Violin Concerto No. 5 Classical NR-G Vienna Symphony Orchestra Herbert von Karajan 1966 107 mins
The Eagle Has Landed Spy PG Michael Caine John Sturges 1976 134 mins
Eureka Seven: Good Night, Sleep Tight, Young Lovers Television TV-MA Ami Koshimizu Tomoki Kyoda 2009 117 mins
Evangelion 222 NR-R
Evangelion: 1.11 You Are (Not) Alone Television PG-13 Kotono Mitsuishi Hideaki Anno 2007 98 mins
The Expendables Action R Sylvester Stallone Sylvester Stallone 2010 103 mins
Fantastic Mr. Fox Animated PG George Clooney Wes Anderson 2009 87 mins
The Fifth Element Sci-Fi PG-13 Bruce Willis Luc Besson 1997 126 mins
For a Few Dollars More Western R Clint Eastwood Sergio Leone 1965 130 mins
For Your Eyes Only Spy PG Roger Moore John Glen 1981 128 mins
Forbidden Planet Sci-Fi G Walter Pidgeon Fred McLeod Wilcox 1956 98 mins
From Hell It Came NR-R Tod Andrews Dan Milner 1957 71 mins
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Action PG-13 Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje Stephen Sommers 2009 117 mins
Gala Concert: 300 Years of St. Petersburg Classical NR-R Anna Netrebko Michael Beyer 2003 112 mins
Galaxy Quest Comedy PG Tim Allen Dean Parisot 1999 101 mins
The Gauntlet Action R Clint Eastwood Clint Eastwood 1977 109 mins
Ghost in the Shell 2.0 Anime NR-R Richard George Mamoru Oshii 1996 83 mins
Gladiator Epic R Russell Crowe Ridley Scott 2000 170 mins
Heat Thriller R Al Pacino Michael Mann 1995 170 mins
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Adventure PG Martin Freeman Garth Jennings 2005 109 mins
Inception Action PG-13 Leonardo DiCaprio Christopher Nolan 2010 148 mins
The Incredible Hulk Action PG-13 Edward Norton Louis Leterrier 2008 113 mins
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Adventure PG-13 Harrison Ford Steven Spielberg 2008 122 mins
Iron Man 2 Action PG-13 Robert Downey Jr. Jon Favreau 2010 124 mins
The Island Action PG-13 Ewan McGregor Michael Bay 2005 136 mins
Jason and the Argonauts Fantasy G Todd Armstrong Don Chaffey 1963 104 mins
Jeff Beck: Performing This Week... - Live at Ronnie Scott's Music NR-G Jeff Beck Alan Branch 2008 191 mins
Johnny Stecchino NR-R
Kagemusha Drama PG Tatsuya Nakadai Akira Kurosawa 1980 180 mins
Kalahari: The Flooded Desert (Narrated) Wildlife NR-G Christopher Plummer Tim Liversedge 2004 52 mins
Kalahari: The Great Thirstland (Narrated) Wildlife NR-G Christopher Plummer Tim Liversedge 2004 60 mins
Kaleidescape Introductions Special Interest NR-G 2006 12 mins
King Kong Adventure PG-13 Naomi Watts Peter Jackson 2005 188 mins
La planète sauvage Animated PG Hal Smith René Laloux 1973 72 mins
Land of the Lost Comedy PG-13 Will Ferrell Brad Silberling 2009 102 mins
Laputa: Castle in the Sky Anime PG Mayumi Tanaka Hayao Miyazaki 1986 125 mins
The Last of the Mohicans (Director's Cut) Adventure NR-R Daniel Day-Lewis Michael Mann 1992 114 mins
Led Zeppelin: The Song Remains the Same Documentary PG Led Zeppelin Peter Clifton 1973 138 mins
Les vacances de Monsieur Hulot Comedy NR-R Jacques Tati Jacques Tati 1953 83 mins
Life Television TV-PG David Attenborough 2009 586 mins
The Lord of the Rings I: The Fellowship of the Ring Fantasy PG-13 Elijah Wood Peter Jackson 2001 178 mins
The Lord of the Rings II: The Two Towers Fantasy PG-13 Elijah Wood Peter Jackson 2002 179 mins
The Lord of the Rings III: The Return of the King Fantasy PG-13 Elijah Wood Peter Jackson 2003 200 mins
Machete Action R Danny Trejo Robert Rodriguez 2010 105 mins
Magnum Force Action R Clint Eastwood Ted Post 1973 124 mins
The Man with the Golden Gun Spy PG Roger Moore Guy Hamilton 1974 125 mins
Mars Attacks! Comedy PG-13 Jack Nicholson Tim Burton 1996 106 mins
The Matrix Sci-Fi R Keanu Reeves Andy Wachowski 1999 138 mins
The Matrix Reloaded Sci-Fi R Keanu Reeves Andy Wachowski 2003 138 mins
The Matrix Revolutions Sci-Fi R Keanu Reeves Andy Wachowski 2003 129 mins
McQ Thriller PG John Wayne John Sturges 1974 111 mins
Minority Report Action PG-13 Tom Cruise Steven Spielberg 2002 146 mins
Mission to Mars Sci-Fi PG Gary Sinise Brian De Palma 2000 111 mins
Mobile Suit Gundamuc Unicorn NR-R
Moonraker Spy PG Roger Moore Lewis Gilbert 1979 121 mins
Nanny McPhee Comedy PG Emma Thompson Kirk Jones 2005 99 mins
Nanny McPhee Returns Comedy PG Emma Thompson Susanna White 2010 109 mins
North by Northwest Adventure NR-R Cary Grant Alfred Hitchcock 1959 136 mins
One Six Right: The Romance of Flying (HD) Documentary G Brian J. Terwilliger 2005 73 mins
Open Range Western R Kevin Costner Kevin Costner 2003 138 mins
Origin: Spirits of the Past Anime TV-PG Ryo Katsuji Keiichi Sugiyama 2006 90 mins
OSS 117: Rio ne répond plus Comedy NR-R Jean Dujardin Michel Hazanavicius 2009 101 mins
Panzerschiff Graf Spee NR-R
Payback NR-R
Pearl Harbor War PG-13 Ben Affleck Michael Bay 2001 183 mins
Pirates (Vol. 2): Stagnetti's Revenge Adult NR-X Riley Steele Joone 2008 180 mins
Planet of the Apes Sci-Fi G Charlton Heston Franklin J. Schaffner 1968 112 mins
The Planets: An HD Odyssey Classical NR-G The Houston Symphony Hans Graf 2010 122 mins
Ponyo Anime G Yuria Nara Hayao Miyazaki 2008 103 mins
The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes Mystery PG-13 Robert Stephens Billy Wilder 1970 125 mins
Pulp Fiction NR-R
Quantum of Solace Spy PG-13 Daniel Craig Marc Forster 2008 106 mins
Ran War R Tatsuya Nakadai Akira Kurosawa 1985 162 mins
Ratatouille Animated G Patton Oswalt Brad Bird 2007 111 mins
Red Action PG-13 Bruce Willis Robert Schwentke 2010 111 mins
Rising Sun Action R Sean Connery Philip Kaufman 1993 129 mins
The Road Warrior Action R Mel Gibson George Miller 1981 95 mins
Robinson Crusoe on Mars Sci-Fi NR-R Paul Mantee Byron Haskin 1964 110 mins
The Rocky Horror Picture Show Cult R Tim Curry Jim Sharman 1975 100 mins
Ronin Action R Robert De Niro John Frankenheimer 1998 121 mins
Salt Action PG-13 Angelina Jolie Phillip Noyce 2010 101 mins
Serenity Sci-Fi PG-13 Nathan Fillion Joss Whedon 2005 119 mins
Shadow of the Vampire Drama R John Malkovich E. Elias Merhige 2000 98 mins
Shoot 'Em Up Action R Clive Owen Michael Davis 2007 86 mins
Smokey And Bandit G51 NR-R
The Sound of Music Musical G Julie Andrews Robert Wise 1965 174 mins
Speed Racer Action PG Emile Hirsch Andy Wachowski 2008 135 mins
Spider-Man 3 Action PG-13 Tobey Maguire Sam Raimi 2007 139 mins
Spirited Away Anime PG Rumi Hiiragi Hayao Miyazaki 2002 125 mins
The Spy Who Loved Me Spy PG Roger Moore Lewis Gilbert 1977 125 mins
Star Trek Sci-Fi PG-13 Chris Pine J.J. Abrams 2009 126 mins
Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan Sci-Fi PG William Shatner Nicholas Meyer 1982 112 mins
Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock Sci-Fi PG William Shatner Leonard Nimoy 1984 105 mins
Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home Sci-Fi PG William Shatner Leonard Nimoy 1986 118 mins
Star Trek 5: The Final Frontier Sci-Fi PG William Shatner William Shatner 1989 106 mins
Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country Sci-Fi PG William Shatner Nicholas Meyer 1991 113 mins
Star Trek: The Motion Picture Sci-Fi PG William Shatner Robert Wise 1979 143 mins
Stardust Fantasy PG-13 Claire Danes Matthew Vaughn 2007 127 mins
Starship Troopers Sci-Fi R Casper Van Dien Paul Verhoeven 1997 129 mins
Taras Bulba Drama NR-R Tony Curtis J. Lee Thompson 1962 122 mins
Tarzan the Magnificent Adventure NR-R Gordon Scott Robert Day 1960 87 mins
Tarzan's Greatest Adventure Adventure NR-R Gordon Scott John Guillermin 1959 88 mins
The Thin Red Line War R Sean Penn Terrence Malick 1998 171 mins
Three Days of the Condor Thriller R Robert Redford Sydney Pollack 1975 117 mins
Thunderball Spy PG Sean Connery Terence Young 1965 125 mins
Time Bandits Adventure PG Michael Palin Terry Gilliam 1981 117 mins
Tommy Musical PG Ann-Margret Ken Russell 1975 111 mins
Tora! Tora! Tora! War G Martin Balsam Richard Fleischer 1970 145 mins
Total Recall Sci-Fi R Arnold Schwarzenegger Paul Verhoeven 1990 113 mins
Toy Story 3 Animated G Tom Hanks Lee Unkrich 2010 103 mins
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Action PG-13 Shia LaBeouf Michael Bay 2009 150 mins
True Grit Western G John Wayne Henry Hathaway 1969 127 mins
Van Helsing Action PG-13 Hugh Jackman Stephen Sommers 2004 132 mins
Virtual Drug's Altovision Special Interest NR-R Katsuki Tanaka 2008 45 mins
The Wages of Fear Thriller NR-R Yves Montand Henri-Georges Clouzot 1953 147 mins
Wall-E Animated G Ben Burtt Andrew Stanton 2008 98 mins
War of the Worlds Disaster PG-13 Tom Cruise Steven Spielberg 2005 117 mins
Watership Down Animated PG John Hurt Martin Rosen 1978 92 mins
What's Up, Doc? Comedy G Barbra Streisand Peter Bogdanovich 1972 94 mins
Where Eagles Dare Action PG Richard Burton Brian G. Hutton 1968 155 mins
The Wild Bunch (Director's Cut) Western R William Holden Sam Peckinpah 1969 145 mins
The Wild Geese Action R Richard Burton Andrew V. McLaglen 1978 134 mins
Winged Migration Nature G Jacques Cluzaud 2002 89 mins
X-Men 3: The Last Stand Sci-Fi PG-13 Hugh Jackman Brett Ratner 2006 104 mins
Xam'd: Lost Memories (Collection 1) Television TV-14 Atsushi Abe Masayuki Miyaji 2008 325 mins
Xam'd: Lost Memories (Collection 2) Television TV-14 Atsushi Abe Masayuki Miyaji 2008 325 mins
Zatoichi: The Last Martial Arts NR-R Shingo Katori Junji Sakamoto 2010 132 mins
Zulu Adventure NR-R Michael Caine Cy Endfield 1964 133 mins

There are several other moons of saturn that will be fixed lens 4 way masking screen working on the 3-D converting Kaleidescape system. So he better give me some time.
Dizzman's Avatar Dizzman 01:28 PM 01-17-2011
Originally Posted by CINERAMAX View Post
we will be comissioning a special hdsdi Kaleidescape to eliminate all conversions....
i wish you luck on that one. cant do it without bypassing all content protection... that exposes them to legal hell. which they wont do.

but i wish you luck.
CINERAMAX's Avatar CINERAMAX 01:37 PM 01-17-2011
Yeah we know, but this will be done by a highly qualified thrid party that has modified K-Scape 2500 players already.

This is a major step in the progress of mankind and all the movies (thousands of Blu-rays)are loaded in actual disc changers so the system is SUPER-LEGAL.
IAMPADDY's Avatar IAMPADDY 03:17 PM 01-17-2011
Jeez you really have found the golden ticket.....

Love your posts, brilliant stuff as always.

This Forum will never be boring while you continue to post.

Cant wait to read a writeup on the PHC Speakers.
taker's Avatar taker 06:12 PM 01-18-2011
peter can you post the User manual for the AP20... is it possible to add more HDMI inputs.. your old link dosen't work
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