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daisysquare's Avatar daisysquare 05:50 PM 06-29-2012
Hi, everybody. I'm Daisy, an engineer and researcher in China.
Because Red Tails wasn't imported in China, so I've no idea about the film.
And also I searched the net and found no reactions of whom saw the film or their experiences. I wonder if someone really had seen this film in Auro 3D.
If you had, please tell me, and could you share us your experience?

sdurani's Avatar sdurani 07:25 PM 06-29-2012
One of the theatres about an hour away from me was converted to Auro 3D, so I went to see 'Red Tails' there with a few AVS members.

Some reviews here:
daisysquare's Avatar daisysquare 07:27 PM 06-29-2012
Thank you! Appriciated.
wilfriedgalaxy's Avatar wilfriedgalaxy 06:03 PM 09-02-2012
Red Tails was mainly an USA release (has to do with the story of the film) and was shown in USA in the theaters which had installed the Auro-3D system. The avant première of Red Tails in Auro-3D was part of the ICTA convention program early this year where about 150 professionals of the film industry experienced the Red Tails movie Auro 11.1 at the cinema theater in Calabases (Los Angeles). The reactions were very positiv : engineers and sound designers commented that Auro-3D is of all new presented 3D formats creating the most immersive experience. This is because Auro 11.1 is having a Height Layer AROUND the listeners. The Ceiling Overhead channels alone (the third layer in Auro 11.1) are not able to create that full immersive experience. It is mainly the combination of the existing surround layer and the surround height layer positioned at around 30 à 35° in a cinema theater that is key for this immersive experience. Additionally, combining both layers while panning sounds (moving sources ) enables as well to spot point sounds much better in the 3D surround field, even with speaker-arrays like used in theaters for the surround channels. It feels almost like some moving sources are sounding as they are panned with object based technology, although it isn't. Panning movements that are using more than one layer will create info in both layers that helps our brains to better position each source into the surrounding field. If you want to know more about Auro-3D, please visit the website. Send us a mail as well about your research work which sounds very interesting.