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darkleafar's Avatar darkleafar 10:09 PM 07-17-2012
After much research online, I am still completely confused. Some people claim True IMAX > XD > Liemax (Digital Imax), while some others claim True IMAX > Digital Imax > XD . Which is true? And when I ask that question, my main cocern is this: The dark knight rises has 72 minutes of IMAX footage. Will the footage be chopped down on Cinemark XD? How about on Digital IMAX? Or neither? Input is greatly appreciated.
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Reddig's Avatar Reddig 11:48 AM 07-24-2012
To see TDKR as Christopher Nolan intended, you must seek out a true IMAX 15/70 film installation. Not sure how it will be at a Cinemark XD or the like. I seen it in just 2K Digital in Scope format and the film never changed aspect ratio throughout.
celboy's Avatar celboy 07:55 PM 07-25-2012
I saw it opening nite in true imax --waiting on line for 5+1/2 hrs in NYC. I intended on seeing it in the other formats as a test evaluation but after seeing it --the way it was meant to be seen---I feel that is the only way to see it. there was enough imax to see---- that I wondered if they at some point
considered just doing the whole movie that way.
I will see it again--because I even started to find the differences between imax and scope more noticeable ...again I think due to the amount of it.
darkleafar's Avatar darkleafar 11:00 PM 07-25-2012
I ended up going to the Cinemark XD marathon on opening night, when I got there (Igot there late because of unfortunate traffic) the only seats left were at the very freaking front, so I watched the entirety of Batman Begins in that seat hoping that in a break between movies I would be able to snatch a better seat. Alas, i was unable to do that. so I ended up getting a refund (they gave me a full refund even though I had already seen one whole movie) and I started doing research to see if by any miracle I could watch the TDKR on IMAX buying tickets very last minute...and...i did!! Big miracle, I found tickets for a Santikos theater (which features TRUE IMAX) at the 3 30 am showing (alternative for those who missed the midnight one). I had to drive 40 min to get there, but it was worth it! i was there 4 hours early and i was very first in line. I thought nobody else would wanna watch at 3 am but it ended up being a full house!! I agree with you guys now, having seen batman begins in an XD screen and TDKR in a true IMAX screen all in the same day, I am now a true IMAX believer.
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