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systems2000's Avatar systems2000 06:24 PM 01-02-2009
What were you using before?

carpenter940's Avatar carpenter940 03:28 PM 01-03-2009
Originally Posted by systems2000 View Post

What were you using before?

Sorry, I was just getting regular analog tv broadcast from out of Chicago (I'm in norther Indiana). And those were kinda weak at times. I read that you sometimes have to upgrade the antenna to get any reception with the digital tuner but the coship seems to come in pretty clear.
AloEuro's Avatar AloEuro 01:19 PM 03-16-2009
I was infatuated with it, but if touch gives you almost heat blister then troubles are
looming in summer time. 18W consumption means get your mini fire ext. ready.
The Cadence prospectus suggest ideal operating temperature at 0-60?, if it was Cel
zium that would be fine, but I think it is Fahr.
Come summer, indoor 80+ no air conditioning, in 1hr. Coship should reach critical level
of heat absorbsion - Boom. Sorry, do you see better prospect?
The Coship-Cadence are winter boxes.
Sorry guys, I stand to correct myself. The Coship sheet offer list operation(al) temperature
at 0-40 C.(inside the box), that means 40 Celzium equals 104Fahr. which is ok.
The 0 C=32F freezing thus the OT are outdoor.
AloEuro's Avatar AloEuro 12:49 PM 04-13-2009
Last week, after 12 days waiting, I have received the Coship N9901T APT.Bought
from -bsat, Illinois, 6days delivery by well paid overpaid lazy FedExer unwilling to walk
up 4 flights to my doors, UPS does.
The adress was screwed, using friend of mine ccard his name my address, I guess
there is too much sun in Pomona,Ca. to NY Shipping $13.21.
This box has Manual real Add, real Delete, after I get privileges I write more.
The main Power switch on/off, same as TV or DVD or VCR it has power switch at back panel, exce
llent guard against power outage and power surge.
The APT- RF coax connected to TV, but RCav triple cables connected to TV incapacitates the APT,
however both RFcoax and RCav triple connected to VCR thru DVD to TV, the APT works both in Stand
by very bright red light and Main power switch off no red light, though in Standby the Analog PQ is be
tter. The recording on VCR in EP mode is very good.
AloEuro's Avatar AloEuro 01:57 PM 04-13-2009
Originally Posted by holl_ands View Post

EZAdd is ability to add a channel without clearing out other channels.

The Coship N9901T APT has Manual real Add, real Delete. Punch in 31,box
makes it 31-1, go to Channel Menu, down to Manual, the 31-1 is in blue box,
OK makes it yellow DTV 31-1, exit, go to 31-1 move Rabbit ears Antenna,even
before you get the picture go to Channel Menu to ADD Scan, the box scan to
memory ION31-1,2,3,4 the manual 31-1 is dead,no signal thus you Delete it
AloEuro's Avatar AloEuro 01:58 PM 04-18-2009
I wonder if you could make confirmation,perhaps useful especially for future buyers of
the Coship line.
On side of the box are 2 larger scanner stickers, never mind those. On top of the box
and inside on back panel of converter are small identical 14 digits numbers, the last 5 di
gits (for 10,11,12 would be 6) read 03209, indicating that the box was made on 3rd Feb
ruary 09, give 2-3 wks for packing to containers and loading on ship, sail from Shenzhen
near Macau to US port less than 30 days before end of March, transport to CosaFreight
at Pomona,Ca 91766 few days, sent out on 2nd April by fedex 6 days to me.Thank you.
The Coship Tuner freq. ATSC 57-803 Mhz Centre Frequency, all major channels scanned
on 2nd try 12M25ch. on Full autoScan; ADD on autoScan in 1Min; Channel Edit to cancel
channels; Manual Search/Scan from 1-69 Add/Delete (All channels from 1-23 and 62-69 are
empty)Punch in WCBS2 the box goes to 56-1 retrieves the signal 2-1 slot in less than
1second; Channel Setting the ch.4default or 3 set electronically. Coship eats 12WMax.
AloEuro's Avatar AloEuro 01:25 PM 05-08-2009
The sound so elusive, fast or slow moving, absolutely needing,what can we do with
out it? The people who do not have HD wall to wall TV, using Mono rather than Stereo
the Mono application increases sound volume twice of Stereo.
Most conv.boxes are EnergyStar 8w or less thus the volume on can be
put to max.100, then on TV sound volume of 1-32max. the 6-8 points level provides su
fficiently strong sound.
The boxes with 12W Coship, sound volume about 77 at Mono, the TV at 6-8 level gives good sound.
Also the best volume broadcasters give are 68Telefutura, then ABC, the rest are
low too low too painful to watch
AloEuro's Avatar AloEuro 02:14 PM 06-20-2009
The FCC, apparently, wanted that the conv.boxes have Energy star efficiency of 8W
and less which most boxes indeed have, Coship also Goodmind have 12W, and I think that this is to advantage in regard to signal strength.
Now many of the Energy star boxes can't keep signal at level under 20-25points, I
think for reason of lack of electric power.
When signal is weak, I punch in signal meter, then the Audio sound decreases to barely audible, the Audio electric power is diverted to Video and part of it goes to peep-
ing sound and I believe other part of it is used to maintain and to increase and to stabilize signal strength.
Thus the signal level at 20 reading the diverted electricity enhances and stabilizes the signal meter with 10 points fluctuation giving readout of 20 to 30 points, as long it does not go under 20 as bottom level there is no pixelation of the picture, the broadcast is in PQ, after meter read disappears the Audio returns to normal level.
In this box 80 level on signal meter equals to 100 on my other iNet- Tivax type, the reason is that Coship has 12W consumption and iNet-Tivax 8WEnergy star, the 4w difference is like reserve of electric power for fluctuation of signal input to be stabilized within circuitry of this box then to maintain uninterrupted signal strength.
Freeze out of picture - when I go into channel which turns out to have very weak signal, sometime the last frame from previous channel still being in circuitry ''as in pipes'' the last frame appear on TV and the current too weak signal does not have strength to push through to penetrate to TV the last frame may be on screen 5 minutes even longer or until I change channel.
The freeze is always the last frame from previous channel when current channel signal does not have enough power or strength to push through circuitry out to TV.
Little problem with Coship is that sometime Info shuts off the box into Red standby
light, and the EPG Now/Next is joke.
AloEuro's Avatar AloEuro 02:34 PM 06-27-2009
It seems to me that I am the only contributor here, the other day accidently I've
run the Coship box with my 96W20inchSony for almost 10 hours, after I shut it off, put
my hand on top of it to feel the heat emanating out, I was surprised that the box was
hot as if it ran only 2 hours.
Every must be hot, it is issue of acceptable heat-hotness, if it is not hot
then it is damaged goods.
the Coship has metal casing, it gives good feeling, but I have it only 3months, let see
what song I will will sing in a year, I heard some of you Z/Insignia already whinning, Alo
AloEuro's Avatar AloEuro 12:45 PM 07-02-2009
Pleasant surprise is this Coship box, normally we scroll vertically channels up and or down, from ch.2.1 to 3.1 - 4.1,2,3 - 5.1,2-6(1-1)- 7.1,2,3-9.1,2-11.1,2-,2
31.1,2,3,4-34.1-39.1,2,,3,4,5,017,018,019,020 -41.1,2-47.1-55.1-68.1,2 etc.
The transparent EPG display 5 ch.programs, 4 blue not seen 1 yellow you see, moving cursor to blue and OK brings out that ch.program to see beyond transparent EPG
window, thus you can scroll horizontally all ch.from 2 to 69 or whatever, and underneath
each ch. the now-next programs are shown, Alois
bm10k's Avatar bm10k 06:13 PM 08-25-2009
I just got A n9901t off Solid Signal (free w/coupon including shipping)
I also have an Artec T3AP-LL and A RCA DTA 800B1 Here In Seattle
Using an CM 3021 and VHF Dipole indoors both the Coship and Artec
Picked Up 34 channels while the RCA Only 27 (missed KCPQ/Fox and KTBW/TBN)
ron350's Avatar ron350 09:26 PM 08-25-2009
bm10k how does the picture quality of the Coship compare with the Artec?
Also how warm or hot is the Coship box?

bm10k's Avatar bm10k 08:48 PM 08-27-2009
Originally Posted by ron350 View Post

bm10k how does the picture quality of the Coship compare with the Artec?
Also how warm or hot is the Coship box?


Picture quality is about the same and the Coship Gets so hot that it will scold
you unlike the Artec. I Have another coupon, thinking about getting a AccessHD
DTA 1080-U but that's another story for another day.
ron350's Avatar ron350 09:58 PM 08-27-2009
bm10k thanks for the reply about the Coship I will leave it alone.

Make sure to read about the AccessHD before ordering.

So far I still like the Zenith DTT901 box the best and the Artec T3AP-LL second but I have not tried a CM-7000.
systems2000's Avatar systems2000 07:29 AM 09-02-2009
Don't even bother with the AccesHD 1080's, they're junk.
AloEuro's Avatar AloEuro 01:20 PM 09-12-2009
In electronics there is not such things as cold, electricity in electronics is confined fire producing heat therefore all conv.boxes must be hot, some more than others.
I use the boxes in 1 week intervales in order to prevent overheating- meltdown of
some of the interior components, also I try not to use it longer than 3hrs. after all there
are not that good programs on TV beyond 3hrs, give it 1/2hr rest then go again.
The Coship n9901T APT is less hot than the other iNet ssr 1921, the Coship heat is
acceptable, the Main switch On/OFF on back panel turning OFF standby red light means faster cooling off.
The iNet is really hot, therefore the 3hrs run than cooling off is desirable,alo.
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