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Originally Posted by boekjar View Post

So would you now correct your list to:

RCA DTA-800B: works, allows subchannels over IRBlaster (negative is periodic audio loss, needing reboot)
DTX-9900 and 9950: work with 2000/3000, but not 5040, and no subchannels over IRBlaster
CM-7000: works, outputs in S-Video, allows subchannels over IRBlaster (with fine-tuning)
Zenith DTT 900: will only work with later replayTV models and requires some DVArchive AND WiRNS hacking to enable ".1" subchannels (negative is not usable with other subchannels? and not with 2000/3000 series)
DTVPal: (I don't know if there are updates to this one) coming out soon, may work with Echostar codes, no telling if subchannels will be accessible without hacking

In all cases, Program Guides do not work with subchannels without WiRNS. (Correct?)

Correction (since you stated that the DS boxes will not work with Replay 5040):

Digital Stream DTX-9950 works perfectly with Replay 5040 (aka: 5000 series)!......
uses code #7470 (any other codes will result in inferior performance).
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Can somebody who actually tried this verify it. I have the ReplayTV 2000, and searched all over the internet for a Digital converter box that will be compatible with my ReplayTV, but nobody can verify it.

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Wow. I wish I would have read all the info in this thread before I went out and bought my converter box. I bought the GE 23333 from Target because it seemed like the best value. I have a replay 5500 that's been out of use for several years. When I connected the converter box and saw how clear the picture was, it occurred to me I might be able to reconnect the old replay and use it. I tried the IR codes that replay lists for GE cable and satellite boxes but they don't seem to work. Does anyone know a way to find the IR codes for the GE 23333 converter box or am I S.O.L.?
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CM-7000: work`w/o any hacking w/ subchannels?? What's the best price for it online???

how about DTV pal??
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Originally Posted by ewilen View Post

I'm playing with the "minimum digits to send" option under fine tuning for codeset 0144 now.

I am not sure about setting this value to 0. It seems to produce inconsistent results; I suspect that it actually maintains the behavior of the previous value.

When the value is set to 1 or 2 and I tune to a channel below 100, the IR blaster sends two digits and the CM interprets this as the primary channel. E.g. I tune the DVR to channel 44, it sends 44 to the CM, and the CM interprets this as a 44-1. There's a fair delay involved but I'm not going to worry about that for now. If I tune the DVR to channel 5, it sends 05 to the CM, and the CM interprets this as 5-1.

However if I tune the DVR to a three-digit channel, the IR blaster sends three digits to the CM, which interprets it as a subchannel. E.g., I tune the DVR to 321, it sends 321 to the CM, and the CM interprets this as 32-1. Note that if I punch e.g. 022 on the DVR remote, the DVR tunes to channel 22 and then sends 22 to the CM, which interprets this as 22-1. In other words, I can't tune to subchannels of of channels 1 through 9.

In short when the minimum digits is set to 1 or 2 under codeset 0144, the program guide will work properly, but you can't make the DVR send codes for subchannels of channels 1 through 9. If the minimum digits is set to 3, the program guide is useless for OTA DTV, but you can get the DVR to send codes for all subchannels. (Subject to the "reinterpretation" issue I mentioned a couple posts up.)

I also tried using manual record with minimum digits set to 2, on the theory that this might work differently from normal tuning, but I still couldn't get it to record subchannels. E.g., entering 0022 for the channel just made the DVR tune to 22 and send 22 to the CM, which was interpreted as 22-1. However it looks like there are ways to do a manual record without tuning at all, so if you set the CM to channel you want before, this would work if you're desperate.

Sorry to dig this up, but what about splitting up the channels? Since the CM has several outputs (S-Video, Composite, RF), why can't two lineups be chosen? Say, for main channels 1-9, use S-Video on IN2, and fine tune the settings for that input to send, at a minimum 2 digits, and for that guide, remove all channels above 9. Then you can use the component for Channels 10+, on IN1, and fine tune the blaster to send 3 digits. RTV's came with two-eye IR blasters... Put both eyes over the CM IR Receiver.

I may have the minimum digits to send backwards here, but the idea is to figure out what fine-tuning is needed for single digit main channels and two digit main channels and also get the sub channels. Granted a custom guide may be needed, but that should be easy once we figure out how to tell the RTV to send numbers.

Can anyone hypothesize / test further?

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I am using an Insignia CECB, model number unknown. I am adding it since this thread seems to serve as a partial record of what converts can be used.
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