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gromex10's Avatar gromex10 09:23 AM 10-21-2008
I recently purchased the Zenith DTT901 Converter box which come with the
Zenith AKB36157102 remote control. I programmed this converter box with my Panasonic Tua TV. I was able to turn on/off my TV with the Zenith remote. I then did something stupid. I threw out the manuals. Then I reprogrammed my DirecTV remote with my TV back since I had the service. Now at reconnecting my Zenith box I need to reprogrammed the remote so that I can turn on/off my TV. Can you assist with the steps in reprogramming my TV with the Remote? Thanks so much.

Ken H's Avatar Ken H 10:41 AM 10-21-2008
Use existing Zenith topic.
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