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cyrix01's Avatar cyrix01 01:04 AM 04-18-2009
Hi all. I just bought a Zenith box, and was playing around with the adjustments. In Setup Menu I changed the Output Channel from 3 to 4, but the reception is not so great on 4 (ghost images). I want to go back to 3. Trouble is, I can't move the menu cursor to make the change. I tried every which way on the remote with no luck. Any ideas?

Dan Kolton's Avatar Dan Kolton 08:09 AM 04-18-2009
Try unplugging and replugging.
cyrix01's Avatar cyrix01 09:32 AM 04-18-2009
Originally Posted by Dan Kolton View Post

Try unplugging and replugging.

Thanks. Yes, I tried that but no luck. Maybe I have a defective unit? Can someone get into their Setup Menu, go to Output Channel and see if they can move the cursor for the channel choices (3 and 4)?
cyrix01's Avatar cyrix01 10:20 AM 04-18-2009
Hey, I unplugged/replugged the antenna cables, and the output channel automatically switched to 3. So I'm fine now. Whew.

PS- Before I had only unplugged/replugged the power cord!
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