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I lost a very important channel (for me). Unfortunately, I can't afford cable or satellite and the CM CECB is my only option.
The channels are limited to begin with and I was receiving WLIW (channel 21), which is a local PBS affiliate. I had been receiving it well all along and now have lost it completely as of 6/12! Nothing has changed with my setup. Yes......I've tried re-scanning (10 times already).
I even tried another CM box (have a spare).

I e-mailed the channel twice and haven't received an answer (how rude of them!).

I thought that the signals were supposed to increase in strength as of the transition. It's over two weeks now and I'm finding that certain channels have actually reduced their signal strength. I'm seeing some pixelization and freezing issues (with various channels) that simply didn't exist before!......What's up with this?......The signal strength/quality is now worse than ever before on certain channels and my beloved WLIW is completely gone!
Was this promise of better signal just lip service?
Has anyone (especially in the NYC area) seen an improvement?

This is (potentially) a major issue......has it been addressed to the FCC, etc.?

Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated!......Thank you!
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Well, I went to http://www.fcc.gov/mb/engineering/maps/ and brought up it's predicted coverage map. If you're not within the oval drawn there, you may have work to bring it in. But their map only predicts a loss after transition in the direction of Southampton.

Actually, no, not all - or even most - signals were supposed to increase in power after the transition. Some increased, some stayed the same, some decreased. Some moved to a different antenna (or antenna height).

Tell us (1) how far are you from the transmitter, (2) what antenna are you using and where is it located in the house (near/far from a window, near which side of the building East West, whatever) and (3) is your antenna amplified or unamplified.

In some instances, the Channel Master can be overloaded by strong signals. What does it show for signal strength on ch21? If you are quite close to the transmitter site, try temporarily replacing your antenna with a bare metal paper clip unfolded into an "L" shape. Any change in ch21 signal strength then??
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Scanning didn't work everywhere, some CECBs did not clear out the old channel history completely. I did an appended scan on my CM and got duplicate virtual channels, labeled exactly the same. The new one with the picture was accessible by channeling up/down from the original that had no picture. When scanning doesn't work, the FCC recommends 'double rescanning.' Disconnect antenna and do a full scan, then unplug CECB for at least a minute, reconnect antenna, turn on CECB, and scan one more time.

So you got two CMs? Do you know anybody with a different brand you can try out to see if it solves your problem? With my reception conditions, the Zenith and Zat do much better with with motion, as well as with fluctuating signals.

I have a feeling you will get more help with a phone call to the station rather than email.

I'm seeing glitches on otherwise strong stations, and not just on the stations that changed frequency, but I'm hopeful it will settle down. When stations did tower work last summer, or flash cut early, it took about a month to get back to normal. I also have at least one station with a pending application for more power.
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This belongs in the local OTA thread.
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