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Coupon Eligible Converter Box (CECB)

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05-13-2011 | Posts: 1
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I have an access hd dta1080 converter box that I've hooked up to a few different tvs and it works fine. I have a Magnavox tv with a dvd built in that it will not give sound but a good picture. Any suggestions??
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Use the composite/RCA out of converter box: video to TV and audio to external amplifier/speaker set. If no composite input on the TV use the RF/coax for the TV and 'dial' the TV's audio off.

The TV's DVD audio is hosed unless the TV has an external audio output that works.

The external amplifier/speaker set can be as simple (cheap) as a set of amplified PC speakers or as complex as a surround sound receiver setup. Of course if you have an ordinary stereo system with an auxiliary audio input you can use that setup.
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